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According To A March Of Dimes Report, Wisconsin Received A ‘C’ For Preterm Births.


“We know that prematurity has a lifelong impact on many babies, and we want to make sure that we can reduce premature births so that we don’t see these lifelong illnesses and lifelong diagnoses in our next generation,” said Emily Kittell, March of Dimes’ Maternal and Infant Health Initiatives Manager.

The March of Dimes issued a report card on the state’s premature births. Though experts agree that a variety of factors can contribute to prematurity, there are ways to improve the grade. “We’re not only working on providing a great space for moms to get pregnant, be pregnant, and give birth, but we’re also looking at those pockets of Wisconsin’s populations that are doing worse,” Kittell said.

March Of Dimes 2021 Report Card Examines State Of Maternal And Infant  Health In Wisconsin

Housing issues, poverty, inability to access care, and maternal health issues are all factors that can lead to difficult pregnancies.”Baseline, what is mom’s health going into the pregnancy, but what are those other aspects that may cause extra stress during a pregnancy,” Kittell explained. According to OBGYN Doctor Jason Patzwald, a mother’s health can go a long way toward preventing prematurity.

“Healthy mother, healthy child. For moms, the most important thing is to stay as healthy as possible during pregnancy, which includes proper nutrition and exercise. If a mother has underlying medical conditions, they must be treated and managed appropriately to help reduce the risks “Dr. Patzwald stated


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