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Amyl And The Sniffers Have Announced The Release Of A One-Take Live-Streamed Concert Film.

Amyl And The Sniffers

Amyl And The Sniffers, a Melbourne punk band, have announced a live-streamed performance to celebrate the release of their latest album, ‘Comfort To Me.’

The band will perform the entire album in one take in the pre-recorded film, “on a slab of concrete in a suburban wasteland somewhere in Melbourne.”The stream will take place on October 5 at various time zones depending on the viewer’s location. Noon Chorus is currently selling tickets. When ‘Comfort To Me’ was released earlier this month, NME gave it four stars, writing that the album is “louder, sillier, and at times more introspective than its predecessor, showing a more versatile side to the band.”

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“Though it still feels as fiery and spontaneous as [self-titled debut LP] ‘Amyl & The Sniffers,’ this album’s raging pace is accompanied by a darker introspection.”Amyl And The Sniffers frontwoman Amy Taylor told NME that they were inspired to depart from their debut album’s sound when it came time to record ‘Comfort To Me.’

“We needed to create something completely new,” Taylor explained. “We wanted it to sound fucking awesome, so we upped the production and everything.”


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