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Britney Spears’ Mother, Lynne, Allegedly Organised Her Divorce from Jason Alexander


Britney Spears’ notorious 55-hour union with her youth darling finished in huge part at the demand of her mom, separate from lawyer Mark Goldberg claims.

In January of 2004, Spears wedded Jason Alexander in a fast service in Las Vegas just to dissolve the entire thing about 55 hours after the fact via a request that guaranteed she “needed comprehension of her activities

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” However, addressing The Daily Mail, the 80-year-old resigned lawyer asserts that Alexander came to him at the time recounting an alternate story. “Jason was searching for guidance. He was extremely enthusiastic and vexed. Britney had called him to come to Las Vegas. She was there with companions as I review, and she paid for his airfare to come,” he clarified.

“As I recollect it, it was Britney’s plan to get hitched. He said they hadn’t been drinking or taking medications – or possibly they weren’t tanked.” Goldberg takes note of that he asked Alexander a few times in case they were inebriated when they settled on the choice, and each time he stayed undaunted that they were not.

L The pair had grown up together in Kentwood, Louisiana and Goldberg accepted there was certifiable love between them. Be that as it may, when Britney called her mother, Lynne, to share the news, things apparently proceeded.

Goldberg asserts that Lynne and Spears’ administration very quickly found a way ways to end the marriage as quickly as time permits. “It was simply the mother meddling in and embeddings into her girl’s life,” he affirms. “She came to Las Vegas, tossed Jason out and got him a boarding pass home.” Agents for Lynne and Britney didn’t promptly react to Fox News’ solicitation for input.

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Goldberg clarified that he offered Alexander legitimate counsel in a small bunch of discussions in which he educated him that, as he would see it, there were grounds to battle the revocation. Be that as it may, Alexander in the long run declined to hold Goldberg’s administrations for making a move with Britney’s administration and her mother.

Talking on the “Poisonous: The Britney Spears Story” digital recording recently, Alexander gave some understanding into that choice.

“They advised me on the off chance that I would sign the agreements — the abrogation — they would let me and Britney proceed with our relationship, and on the off chance that we felt the same way in a half year they would give us an appropriate marriage,” he told has Tess Parker and Babs Gray (through Access Hollywood).

“So I had no motivation to accept something else. I imagined that is the thing that the fact of the matter was. They were permitting Britney and I to in any case have telephone correspondence.”

However, he guarantees that the number he had for his ex quit working following 30 days, persuading he was just tricked by Lynne and Spears’ administration. After seven months Spears wedded Kevin Federline.


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