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Can Cher rehabilitate the world’s most destitute elephant?


The glut of conservation documentaries seems to be endless, where a group of fearless men and women untiringly work to rehomage sad elephant. You have never seen any of them, however, because, as a child, you have made the deal with themselves to only watch conservation documentaries containing scenes in which the popular singer and actor Cher takes care of traumatised animals.

Cher greets 'world's loneliest elephant' in Cambodia | Cambodia | The  Guardian

And if so, then you’re just showing Cher and the Loneliest Elephant, because it’s what happens in it. There is a lonely elephant, and he’s back in the wild but he won’t fly to Cher’s side to play Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

Story of Kaavan Elephant

The storey of Kaavan the elephant should be known to you at this point, especially if you spend time online. At the Islamabad Zoo, Kaavan used to be the star attraction of an open-air spot to give their animals their worst possible quality of life. He had been chained in a small, dry and wretched enclosure for 35 years. After her chains gave her gangrene, her only companion died two years earlier of neglect. He murdered two zoologists and rocks compulsively all day long, like Ellen Burstyn in the Dream Requiem. But fortunately, Cher found him in the zoo one day and decided to save him.

This isn’t true, actually. Indeed, Kaavan was found by Dr. Samar Khan, an American vet, who started a social media campaign to raise awareness of the distress of the elephant and send it to something more appropriate. But no one would watch Dr. Samar Khan and the Loneliest Elephant in the world, would they watch? So let’s go the way Cher reads a tweet about Kaavan and answers with a mixture of top letters and elephant emojis. It’s a lot more exciting, right?

With respect to documentary, Dr Amir Khalil from the welfare organisation Four Paws International is carrying out all the important work. It is he who forges a link with Kaavan and identifies its logistics and essentially ties himself to a truck so Kaavan does not become too scratchy on the road. Of course, he’s helped by not least a wonderful Dutch Transport Coordinator who repeatedly and graphically warns everyone about what’s going to happen with the plane if an abused and desorientated bull elephant breaks off his crate during a flight, but he’s the one who does most of the legwork in his hormonal cycle.

Cher has no stopping !!

Cher is doing what Cher does best in the meantime. Although she admits it “not seemed to be working,” she tweets continuously all-caps acronyms and emojis to members of the Government of Pakistan. She records a song about Kaavan, which seems to have no immediate effect, “Look at your lives / Can we save them in any way / Cause I just want to see the walls collapsing?.” She ends up flying to Islamabad, well, singing to an elephant a song of Frank Sinatra and then going back home.

Cher & The Loneliest Elephant' Trailer: Cher Explains the Fight | Billboard

She could have helped set up the entire operation, but such a documentary needs a physical presence to sell the connection. The problem is that there is not a lot a septuagenarian pop singer can do in terms of boots on the floor. If you’re something like me, you’ll spend a lot of this documentary to get the experts out of the way.


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