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Could Finn Have Murdered Vinny on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’?


The Bold and the Beautiful’s favourite theme is long-reaching arcs. Long-term arcs that keep fans talking and speculating are exactly what everyone on the show hopes to see on a regular basis. That is exactly what Vinny’s death has accomplished. Since the character’s death, fans have speculated on who might have killed Vinnie. According to one theory, Finn was the mastermind behind the homicide.

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Vinny’s death was, in some ways, a case of “no good deed goes unpunished,” at least for Liam. At the time, Liam was doing the right and responsible thing. When Liam’s father, Bill, became inebriated, he decided to drive him home. The drive came to an end when Liam hit Vinny and “killed” him. Not long after the fatal accident, Soaps began to suspect that the situation was not as clear-cut as it appeared. Vinny was fatally injured prior to the car accident, according to the soap website. The problem with Vinny’s death is that many people despised him and wished he was dead. SoapsinDepth reminds viewers that, in addition to Liam, there are Steffy, Hope, Thomas, and Finn on the list of possible suspects.

Why was Vinnie so hated ?

One of the most obvious reasons so many characters hated Vinny was because he was, at heart, a drug dealer. This is a classic soap opera setup that indicates a character is up to no good. Soap opera writers not only use the concept of drugs to set up a character as a bad guy, but it’s also a great way to introduce drama into the main characters’ lives. And Vinny excelled at using his drug background to create drama.

Is Finn responsible for Vinny’s death?

A theory that’s rapidly gaining speed and credibility is that Finn is the mastermind behind Vinny’s death. If true, it would certainly shatter Finn’s reputation as a golden boy. For all intents and purposes, Finn is one of the most easy-going, least emotional characters on the show, but he also seems like a character who is poised to move over to the dark side.   

The last time Finn and Vinny saw each other was during a heated argument in which the truth about Vinny’s manipulated paternity test was revealed. Finn had every right to be enraged, even murderously so. Is it possible that he fled the hospital and committed a heinous crime? If that’s the case, was it a crime of passion or a cold-blooded act?

He might show a darker side !

Steffy and Liam, on the other hand, were romantically involved and decided to keep their affair hidden from Finn and Hope. Steffy and Liam betrayed their partners during the one-night stand steamy affair, and their hypocrisy may cost them their relationships.

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When Finn discovers the affair, he is likely to be filled with resentment, anger, and blame. He will most likely confront Liam furiously, as Liam has been meddling in Finn and Steffy’s relationship since the beginning, and hold him responsible for the turn of events. Fans can only expect the doctor, who has suppressed his emotions, to become enraged and possibly self-destructive.


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