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Ericsson has settled a patent dispute with Samsung.

The last confrontation between Ericsson and Samsung took two years to settle in 2012.

Ericsson signed a “multi-year” global patent license agreement with Samsung, the Swedish telecom device manufacturer said on Friday to resolve a controversy that affected its first quarter of revenues.

Ericsson said it had not revealed how many years the agreement would last, which covers patents on all cellular technology. It has now said that its income for the licensing of patents in the second quarter is CZK 2 billion ($237 million, or approximately CZK 690 crores) to CZK 2.5 billion.

Ericsson settles patent dispute with Samsung | Reuters

The deal, which ends continued legal proceedings in many nations, was completed in record time, as it typically takes years to resolve patent disputes between technology companies.

The latest conflict began in December and the last confrontation between the two firms started in 2012 and took two years to settle.

The cross-license agreement includes network infrastructure and telephone sales as of 1 January 2021 and was mentioned in a statement. The firms refused to reveal the confidentiality terms.

Ericsson spends approximately CZK 40 billion on research every year and has a portfolio of more than 57,000 patents.

Earlier this year, his Nordic competitor Nokia, which has a significant patent portfolio, resolved a patent issue with Samsung.

Ericsson settles patent dispute with Samsung

Ericsson’s patent license revenues decreased to CZK 0.8 billion in the first quarter from CZK 2.5 billion a year earlier. Roughly a third of Ericsson’s operating profit is represented by royalties from its patent portfolio.

Ericsson said its patent revenues are still influenced by such factors as expired licensing deals awaiting renewal, geopolitical effects on the smartphone industry, a technological transition from 4G to 5G, and potential monetary impacts in the future.

It also has an ongoing dispute with the Dutch telecommunications firm KPN NV, which lodged a patent-infraction lawsuit last month in a district court in Texas against Ericsson.

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