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Inside the House Where Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Had Their Secret Wedding

Gwen Stefani

The date was left hidden, the area considerably more secretive. However, fans and family indistinguishable were anxious to see Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani—who met on the arrangement of The Voice in 2014—at last make it official over Independence Day weekend.

Pictures are as yet streaming out, yet all indications of the wedding point to a rambling 1,300 or more section of land farm close to Tishomingo (populace 3,071), in Oklahoma, Shelton’s home state, which he bought over 10 years prior. As per reports, the couple planned and fabricated the home determined to wed there, and just barely moved in.

Aerial shots show a four-stack, metal-roofed home with an abundant entryway patio, two-story stone carport, a pergola on the subsequent floor, third-story dormers, and manicured gardens out back that progression up to a pool. The home—assessed to be around 15,000 square feet—is quite Southern with some Victorian pizazz.

The whole property fronts a sans paparazzi lake.Photos presented on AD100 inside planner Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s Instagram feed on May 26 inscribed “Oklahoma” and “Unique conveyance Oklahoma style!” match the entryway patio balustrade and decorative overhang of pictures that have spilled to the press by VIP photograph organization BackGrid.

The primary remark is by Blume Architecture, which states, “Cherished cooperating !”Blume Architecture is a Dallas-based plan assemble firm headed by Christy Blumenfeld, who moved on from Tulane and began her own organization in 2003.

Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Are Married | Billboard

Her site expresses that she’s as of late finished a home in Oklahoma. The top of the line shop firm regularly plans future-sealed, traditionally delivered single-family homes, for the most part propelled by the authentic point of reference of the home’s region.

Judging from Blumenfeld’s portfolio—also Bullard’s inside shot posted on June 19—the love bird’s conjugal home mixes conventional and vernacular highlights for certain strong strokes.

Similar to a bended second-story dozing yard at the back confronting the lake and two outside living spaces that give the rear of the house a great balance.

The house is situated to improve the large Southern sky and give plentiful play space to Stefani’s three children, similar to the pool sitting above the lake that Blume Architecture posted on its own Instagram page with the inscription “Summer dusk at an exceptional Ranch.”


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