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Is a Method of Going Global in Which a Company Makes Agreements

Expanding your business beyond your borders is a crucial step towards achieving growth and success. However, entering foreign markets can be a challenging process, requiring careful planning and consideration. One popular method of going global is through partnerships and agreements with local companies in the target markets. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this strategy.

What is Partnering or Agreement Method?

Partnering or an agreement method is a business strategy in which a company collaborates with a local company in a foreign market to expand its business. Companies can enter into various kinds of partnerships such as joint ventures, licensing agreements, franchising, and strategic alliances. This method allows businesses to tap into the knowledge, expertise, and resources of a local company, which is essential for navigating the unique cultural, economic, and political landscape of foreign markets.

Benefits of Partnering or Agreement Method

One of the most significant advantages of partnering or an agreement method is the reduced risk associated with entering a foreign market. A local partner can help navigate the legal and regulatory environment of the foreign country. The partner can also provide valuable insights into cultural differences, which can help companies tailor their products and services to local tastes and preferences.

Partnering or an agreement method also allows companies to leverage the existing infrastructure and resources of the local company, reducing the need for expensive investments in new facilities and equipment. Moreover, it can help companies establish relationships with suppliers, customers, and other key stakeholders in the target market.

Drawbacks of Partnering or Agreement Method

Despite the benefits, partnering or an agreement method also has some drawbacks. One of the significant drawbacks is the potential loss of control over the business. Partnering with a local company means sharing profits, decision-making, and control over business operations. This can lead to conflicts in management styles, business objectives, and expectations.

Another potential disadvantage of partnering or an agreement method is the risk of intellectual property theft. Companies must be cautious in sharing their proprietary information, including processes, methods, and technologies, with their local partners. In some cases, local partners may use this knowledge to develop competing products or services.


Partnering or an agreement method is a popular strategy for companies looking to expand their business globally. It provides opportunities to leverage local knowledge, resources, and infrastructure while reducing the risks associated with entering foreign markets. However, it is essential to weigh the benefits against the potential drawbacks before proceeding with this strategy. Careful evaluation, thorough research, and clear communication are crucial to building a successful partnership and achieving global growth.

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