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Jaleel White Declares That He Was ‘Unwelcome’ by the ‘Family Matters’ Cast

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Jaleel White Steve Urkel is one of the most iconic characters of all time and has been widely honoured to help Family Matters secure a successful nine season run. But his introduction to the show was not exactly smooth, says the now 44-year-old actor, because his original cast did not welcome him with open arms.

“I wasn’t welcomed at all to the cast. They know what that was,” White told TVOne’s Uncensored in a forthcoming interview. “I didn’t think of it because I was cast into Family Matters, because it was meant to be a guest place, and finished.”Although he is now known as the main protagonist of Family Matters, White did not appear until the 12th episode of season 1. White has been taped to make a unique appearance, but ultimately came to the fore after Urkel received an overwhelmingly positive response from the spectators.

In the trailer shared by TVOne, White also touches on the mania surrounding Urkel as well as his relationship with Michelle Thomas, the late actress who played Urkel’s girlfriend, Myra Monkhouse, over multiple seasons

Jaleel White Is Selling Cannabis With 'Purple Urkel' Branding

“Michelle Thomas has become a very special person,” a White emotional says in the clip. “I can’t say her name literally without crying

The trailer comes just weeks after White and 710Labs announced the launch of their cannabis line, ItsPurpl. The company currently offers a wide range of merch apparel as well as variants of the popular strain Purple Urkle. You can learn more about the cannabis 


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