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Janet Mock demands a lower salary in a speech that she delivers about ‘Coming Out Strong’: ‘You despise us.’


Janet Mock, an author, director, and an executive producer on the Emmy award-winning Pose delivered an impassioned speech Thursday nightlong monologue about unpaid bills, relationships, and the infidelity of her boyfriend during the Season 3 premiere party.

Janet Mock On Transgender And Queer Stories In 'Pose': 'Welcome To Our  World' : NPR

Mock ranted, “F-Hollywood,” I must admit that this makes you uneasy” In theory, yes. You’ll be petrified. I can speak truthfully, therefore, this is saying the truth. “This is what it’s all about,” she said. During her 15-minute fiery rant, Mock, a trans woman and activist, demanded to know why she wasn’t paid more for her work on the drama series and she slammed the quality of the material from the male writers on season 1, Page Six reports. She called on series creator Ryan Murphy to acknowledge that he brought her on as a writer for this very reason.

“I want to get paid more,” she said.”Why am I making $40,000 an episode, huh? Do you know who the f— I am?”

Even Mocking’s film and television co-industry colleagues were then dumbfounded when she demanded that her beau, Barkin partner Bismack “stand up while I’m talking.”

He started to speak to the audience about love and said, “You know something about love, Mock replied.” “Today, she was getting out of my hair,” she explained. I was prepared to let you go, but what happened instead?” I did have sex with someone on the crew, I told you?

Hi, everyone.” You’re not lost to me. Exactly. Mock said, in exasperation, “and you are an absolute pain in the ass.” I don’t want to be a lonesome in this town.” I’ve been looking for you. He will motherf—er. That’s where you were. That’s who I’ve decided to be. I’m entitled to what’s rightfully mine.

Mock gave a very dark speech, poignant, sneering remark: “We want to include all marginalised people, but it means so much to make sure that we give black and brown trans women a shot in this industry.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? It feels good to talk with you like that, doesn’t it?” Because if you don’t deal with the reality then I can’t keep you from having to face the facts “Pose: Season 3 will debut on May 2.” The show follows New York City ballroom dancers in the 1980s.

Janet Mock reveals infidelity in 'Pose' premiere speech

Pose was launched to widespread acclaim in 2018 because it exposed the ballroom scene of the LGBT community Pose was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series in its first year of existence thanks to the vision and collaboration of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and Steven Falchuk. Halsey won an Emmy in 2019 for lead actor in a drama.

“This is what I learned from reading “Pose” during the Thursday premiere,” said Mock. My value in life has increased because of this experience.” I matter because of my television appearances I’m on ‘American Idol’ because of my vocal talent.

It was recently announced that the series will come to an end in the month of July.

I am thankful to our indefatigitating writers, cast, crew, and production team who worked tirelessly to bring Pose to life, thankful that the Pose ballroom fans supported us, overwhelmed by the Pose critics, and indebted to 20th Television forever.”


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