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Joseline Hernandez, I Was on ‘The Wendy Williams Show,’ and Things Took a Turn for the Worse — Here’s the Teaser

Joseline Hernandez

Love & Hip Hop fans know Joseline Hernandez isn’t picking her tongue. After a troubled relationship with her ex and her daughter’s father, Stevie J, Joseline finally seems to find love and created a lane for herself through her show in the television industry. Cabaret Joseline’s

Joseline Hernandez Teases She's Filming Something, Fans Flood In to Ask  Where's Her Delayed New Show | Joseline hernandez, Love and hip, New clip

Except for her rambunctious cabaret, Joseline seems to have decided to put the drama behind her these days. However, she was featured as a guest on The Wendy Williams Show on April 28, and things left quickly. So what happened? So what happened?

What happened when Joseline Hernandez was on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’?

Was Hernandez on the Wendy Williams Show?
Although Joseline Hernandez and Wendy Williams appear to have had a friendly relationship in the past, a recent clip from The Wendy Williams Show has led fans to believe it has changed.

Joseline said to Wendy at the beginning of the interview that took a little longer than eight minutes, “You know Miss Wendy, I just have to say this to you: I hope that you give me my flowers today. I hope you will honour how much work I have done.”

She added, “I’m an accomplished woman, and I feel like you don’t give me these flowers anytime I come to your show now. You know that? And Wendy, you’re my senior for 35 years. I ought to get you those flowers. I should feel like people like you want me. And all the other young girls, not just me.”

Wendy was sympathetic to Joseline and said that she too was sometimes underestimated and quickly tried to change the subject by asking the production companies to switch to the “shoe cam,” but Joseline was pressed.

Joseline Hernandez Has Contentious Appearance On 'The Wendy Williams Show,'  Twitter Reacts - SHADOW & ACT

Finally, Wendy told Joseline, “We’ll not even talk as a woman of race if you think I’ll leave here every day to feel undervalued for something I am doing. I still don’t make the dollar for the men of the dollar, so please.”

Finally, the couple could move beyond their disagreement and finish the segment. However, fans are still wondering, what actually is America’s No. 1 show?


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