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NRA’s “Unabated” Corruption, According To New York, Justifies Its Closure.

New York Attorney General Leticia James stated in a court document seeking to dissolve the gun rights organization that the National Rifle Association failed to root out rampant internal corruption even after the bankruptcy case intended to prevent it. 

In a revised lawsuit filed Monday, James stated that since suing the NRA, the NRA had withheld suspicious transactions from CEO Wayne LaPierre (Wayne LaPierre’s nonprofit organization last August. 

After US Bankruptcy Judge Harlin Hale in Dallas dismissed the NRA’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy case in May, he filed an amended complaint, calling it an inappropriate effort to obtain an “unfair litigation advantage” and avoid James’s supervision. 

NRA's 'unabated' corruption justifies shutting it down, New York says By  Reuters - newsotime

The Association’s attorney, Rifle National William Brewer, accused James of “selectively” citing Hale’s opinion in support of his argument.

case. “It is now more obvious than ever that NYAG’s actions were politically motivated attacks,” Brewer said in a statement. “The truth is that these lawsuits underscore the NRA’s commitment to good governance and undermine the NYAG case.” 

James’ allegations include the NRA’s first telling the IRS late last year that Lapierre “used charitable assets for personal gain.”. 

He also stated that at that time, the financial director of the group would not sign the tax forms of the IRS because the NRA officials could not ensure their accuracy. James said that Lapierre signed the form and the treasurer was fired soon after. The 

The NRA was established in New York in 1871 and accused James of violating his right to freedom of speech because Democrats did not like his politics and his support for Republicans, many of whom made the expansion of arms rights a priority. 

NRA's 'unabated' corruption justifies shutting it down, New York says |  Reuters

Hale accused LaPierre of resolving the bankruptcy issue without telling many senior officials of the NRA, calling it “simply shocking,” but stated that the 12-day trial testimony indicated that the organization “now understands the importance of compliance.” 

James also sought to dismiss Lapierre.

The case is New York v. New York. The National Rifle Association and others, Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York, No. 451625/2020.

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