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NY State Lawyer Calls NRA Bankruptcy ‘Sideshow’

At Monday’s closing arguments, New York Attorney General Letitia James called a National Rifle Association bankruptcy proposal “a circus sideshow” to see if the NRA would reorganize in the weapons-friendly state of Texas.

In January, the NRA filed a request for Chapter 11 to use the insolvency mechanism to escape from a corrupt political and regulatory system in New York, where it is currently embedded.

He is trying to dismiss a complaint by James and the former ad agency of the company, Ackerman McQueen to dismiss the Chapter 11 case.

New York calls NRA bankruptcy dismissal, cites bad faith | Hindustan Times

Later on Monday, the lawyers of the NRA will make their closing arguments.

The argument before the United States Judge Harlin Hale’s bankruptcy in Dallas coincides with another spate of mass fire, with President Joe Biden pressing for a ban on attack guns and stricter gun-control laws.

If the NRA is allowed to proceed with Chapter 11, it could facilitate the defense of charges of financial misconduct and corruption.

In August, James, a Democrat, sued the NRA and Chief Executive Officer, Wayne LaPierre, in New York State Court on charges of financial fraud and the purpose of the organization’s dissolution.

She said the NRA had diverted millions of dollars to finance luxury vacations for leaders, associated no-show contracts, and other dubious costs.

NY state lawyer calls NRA bankruptcy 'sideshow' in trial closing

LaPierre testified that he wanted immunity from bankruptcy for fear that James would want to put it into reception.

After 150 years in New York, James said the NRA claims to be solvent and called for bankruptcy and plans to reinstate in Texas misconduct to avoid her litigation and oversight.

The NRA’s bankruptcy was called by Gerrit Pronske, a James lawyer, “a circus sideshow” on Monday during the closing stages in the trial that commenced on 5 April. The NRA accused James of “weaponizing,” because she dislikes what it represents, in order to carry out a “blatant and malicious retaliatory campaign” against the party.

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