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Parents Are Being Warned As Children ‘Convinced’ That The Squid Game Is Real Act Out Violent Scenes At School.


Teachers have issued a warning to parents after young students were seen on the playground reenacting violent scenes from Squid Game because they believe the game is’real.

‘Staff at Countesswells Primary School in Abderdeen have warned parents that their children believe the gruesome Netflix hit’reflects real life,’ and that they are’struggling to separate fiction from reality.’And teachers at Newton Park Primary School in Wick, Caithness, were barred from wearing costumes inspired by the South Korean drama after students were seen acting out violent scenes.In an email to parents, Countesswells Primary stated, “Over the course of the day, it has become clear that many of our pupils have been watching Squid Game.”Some younger students are convinced the game is real and are having difficulty distinguishing between fiction and reality.

Children are copying Squid Games scenes in the playground | Metro News

“Participants in the show play childhood games but face death if they lose.With up to 142 million households watching in its first month, it has become the streaming giant’s most popular show.Officials have urged parents not to allow their children to watch the show.”This programme is not recommended for children,” said Martin Greig, the Lib Dem education spokesman on Aberdeen City Council.However, Jo Bisset of the parents’ group UsForThem Scotland claimed that by effectively banning the show, schools were instilling “moral hysteria.”


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