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Paris Hilton About Her relationship With Lindsay Lohan

At the time when the two stars were photographed with Britney Spears on an iconic night, Paris Hilton opened up her relationship to Lindsay Lohan.

During Hilton’s podcast episode last week, This Is Paris, the alum of Simple Life explained behind the scene when in 2006 the paparazzi photographed her, Spears and Lohan, snapping inside a car.

Fans who thought that all three stars feuded at that time were surprised by the photo, and the shoot was called “The Holy Trinity.”

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“It was one night Britney and I went out and we were at our friend’s party at the Beverly Hills Hotel and decided to go home,” Hilton explained about the photo on her podcast. “We walked to the car and suddenly tones of paparazzi were swarming. Just as we walked to the car, Lindsay arrived. It was kind of uncomfortable because we had some drama. “

Paris Hilton, 40, said that while she and Spears, 39, were getting into the car, a paparazzi asked her about a video in which Lohan claimed Paris Hilton hit her.

“I saw Lindsay going to us at that moment, and I said ‘Why don’t you ask her?'” Hilton remembered that. “”No, Paris would never hit me. I’ve known her since I was fifteen. ” Basically, it wasn’t enough to admit what she did. You know, it was pretty awkward to ask this question and it was just strange how it happened. “

Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton

paris hilton i ncar

“I looked over suddenly, and she was in my car. We haven’t got along, so I’ve been polite, “Hilton added. Hilton added. “It was really hard to get out of it, because with all the cameras, I couldn’t see.”

The singer of “Heartbeat” said that she and Lohan, 34, had previously been “close friends.”

Paris Hilton claimed that she did some things that hurt me and betrayed my trust, and caused a lot of drama. “We were no longer friends, and this kind of friendship was on and off.”

“But we were just so young, immature when I think about it now. It was like a high school drama, especially in L.A., and to live in public with the media always trying to make things worse than they were. In those days, the media really liked the feuds between girls, “she continued. She continued.

By 2019, the famous photo was hilariously recreated by Paris Hilton with a fake “Queen Elizabeth” and not Lohan and an impersonator of Britney Spears instead of the “Toxic” singer.

Paris Hilton posted her photo recreation on Twitter, “Oops… We Did It Again,” referring to Spears’ Single in 2000.

In November 2017, Paris Hilton also paid tribute to Twitter’s 2006 photo, which says “11 years since the first arrival of the Holy Trinity!”

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