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Primo Banks – An American Singer, Songwriter And Entrepreneur Left No Stone Unturned

Our world is full with diversity. Every individual is different from one another in all aspects. All human beings posses their own distinct talent within them. All they need is to realise it and work on it.
Those who chase their dreams with great zeal and enthusiasm in them can never be stopped by anyone.

Now as we look towards this new era we meet many differently talented individuals everyday.

One such extremely sharp-minded and intelligent individual is Darryl Braceful Jr aka Primo Banks.
He is highly successful in volunteering two different domain and yet shining as staunch professional.

Primo Bank is an American singer, songwriter and entrepreneur. He was born in Texas and brought up in Saint Louis.
Darryl belongs to a family of Entrepreneurs, his parents used to run a restaurant named after him.
He always wished to start his own business, so his parents turned out to be his inspiration.

Later being passionate about music he started himself as a songwriter, singer, and rapper. Which eventually gave birth to idea of starting his own label and studio by the name of “Hell Raiser Entertainment”.
With a little pace in no time his studio started to gain popularity in music industry in and around Texas.
Primo wiggled himself into entrepreneurship not knowing that that was the path he took.

Well his Studio launch brought him up a bite of success which drove him towards broadening of his business further. Primo started online clothing business “Hell Raiser Apparel” which sells amazing collection of clothes, apparels, and merchandise.
This all has enabled Primo to touch the the six figure mark for himself in short span of time.

Primo received a lot of love for his last album “Smooth Criminal” from millions of audiences and listeners.
And now he is planning to release a new album “Hell on Earth” this summer.
We hope success and more greater achievements to Primo ahead.

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