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Taylor Swift has just released a new song as a surprise ahead of the Fearless re-release.

Taylor Swift re records her album

The re-release of Taylor Swift Fearless is on the 9th April and fans will be pumped. Six brand new songs will be part of this 26-track album, one of which she dropped on April 7…without any warning.

Taylor Swift Felt Like "Old News" Before Making Red

You know! Yup! Swift has just put “Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version)” on the streaming without heads up instead of teasing this new song with social media ads. It’s a lovely move, honestly.

Taylor Swift Puts in some emotions from the past

The song is a smooth uptempo, country-pop tuning in “You Belong With Me” or “State of Grace” clockwise within just five minutes. The Swift sounds great, and the lyrics seem to be addressed by an ex who continued her life while she felt broken emotionally.

On Friday, Taylor Swift tweeted the ultimate teaser: A video of an animation of a vault, with scrambled words flashing on the screen– clues to what would be on her new album.

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Taylor Swift
“Hi, Mr. Fine completely. “Hi. After my breaking

Taylor Swift wrote in Instagram about the Fearless re-release: “Fearless was an album filled with magic and curiosity, the joy and the devastation of youth. It was the diary of the adventures and discoveries of a young girl who studied little lessons on the façade of the fairy tales that were presented to the films with every new crack.

Can’t expect more! Can’t wait to hear it!


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