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Incentivizing Customers With The Right Type Of Loyalty Program From The Supreme Society.

The Supreme Society

The Supreme Society | Since 2007, the month of April has been designated as International Customer Loyalty Month. Despite the fact that loyalty and rewards programmes have been around for decades, many people associate them with airline frequent flyer programmes or hotels that award points. While there is no doubt that these programmes incentivize customers to remain loyal to the airline or hotel in question, some businesses are discovering a more advanced type of rewards system that will help retain loyal customers while enticing new ones.

More Than Just A Few Points

The Supreme Society

One such programme is based in Australia. The Supreme Society, a platform for innovative lifestyle rewards. Customers of the Supreme Society can expect much more than just points accumulation, with discounts, coupons, and promotions focusing on lifestyle, travel and tourism, electronics, small business tax agents, fashion, events, retail, health and wellness.

According to Supreme Society founder Chris Roman, the platform was created with the goal of becoming the gold standard of membership and lifestyle clubs.
The Supreme Society is moving away from traditional types of reward programmes,” Roman explains. “We provide a hybrid mix of Amex-type rewards, Qantas rewards, automobiles, bikes, boats, fashion, jewellery, and electronics. Whatever your situation is, there will be something in our programme that will entice you to become a loyal customer.”

Benefits, Prizes, And Events – The Supreme Society

Supreme Society giveaway prizes are high-ticket items such as high-end vehicles, travel, and gift vouchers. On a monthly and quarterly basis, the platform also hosts member events. Meet and greets are held throughout the country, with live entertainment, food, functions, and exclusive parties.
“This is not your typical type of rewards programme,” Chris Roman adds. “We’ve gone to great lengths to make something for everyone. If you’re a business owner looking for discounts on tax filings and accounting services, we’ve got you covered. We have a corporate health and wellness programme if that’s what you’re looking for. We can provide you with gym discounts, coupons for your favourite coffee shop or restaurant – we have it all.”

Not surprisingly, Supreme Society’s customer base is rapidly expanding, as are its partners’. It is a novel business model that appeals to both customers and businesses. The platform welcomes new partners and is pleased to be able to assist businesses post-pandemic by providing them with an additional revenue source.

Although April is designated as International Customer Loyalty Month, businesses should consider customer loyalty all year. Creating loyalty requires a consistent effort on the part of business owners who want to provide the best possible experience for their customers.

“Your customers usually have a choice whether or not to return to you,” Roman concludes. “As a result, you must provide a service that they will not be able to find elsewhere. The Supreme Society can greatly assist with this by providing a variety of incredible incentives that are not available anywhere else.”

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