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Whoosh! Ross Butler Teases New Costumes for Fury of the Gods Sequel

Ross Butler new style statement

Ross Butler , hocus-pocus-pocus! The gods are back and FURY of THEM is heading into production! Billy and his foster siblings had previously been played by two actors when the first movie featured several big-name actors as their superheroes. We’re definitely excited to see everybody return for the sequel, and see how they’ve changed over the year. Butler did, in fact, just this week, take to Instagram to tease the possibility of new superhero outfits. To keep everyone in good spirits, the actor had agreed to do a short Shazam spoof.

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“This month, we celebrate Asian and American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Thank you for continuing to redefine and renew the essence of what is assumed of us, and tuning in, for you, and for your support. We are grateful to you.” Additional note: this brand new set of outfits will be from the movie. Check back soon for the freshly tailored ones!

In addition to the returning cast members, Helen Mirren was revealed to be returning as Hespera, the daughter of Atlas in March. The announcement of Liu’s role was soon followed by the news that she will be playing Kalypse. It was also recently discovered that West Side Story’s Alice Zeigler had a major role to play that was kept a secret from the public.

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While the film will see the return of Zachary Levi as well as the younger version of Captain Marvel and his foster family, including Freddy (Jack Dylan), Eugene (Ian Chen), Pedro (Jack LeVitt), and Mary (Jayma Brown), it will introduce Mary — As will return are Zachary Levi and his foster siblings with young Freddy (Jovan Armand), Pedro, and Darla (Jack Dylan Grazer), respectively) (Grace Fulton). Apart from Butler, there will be other adult stars like D.J.J. Cotron, Meagan Good, and Michelle Borth. returning.


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