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A Riverside County Supervisor Attends A Secret Session from Afar, Fearful Of The Coronavirus – Press Enterprise


On Tuesday, August 17, Riverside County manager Chuck Washington went to a distant, private meeting subsequent to advising his partners not to go to straightforwardly. Coronavirus (New Coronavirus Infection) test Forced him and others to isolate Negative for infection test.

Washington’s remarks were made in the public piece of the Supervisory Board meeting. Following a public meeting, the board normally goes into a private meeting to talk about delicate issues, for example, association dealings and case settlementsWashington, 68, didn’t name any individual who tried positive. Yet, he recalled the last gathering of the top managerial staff on July 27.

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“We went into a private meeting where many individuals were in shut rooms in little rooms,” he said. “What’s more, the following day, I discovered that there was an individual in the room who tried positive for COVID,” said Washington, who was truly in the meeting room during the public piece of the gathering on Tuesday.

“Then, at that point a large number of us were isolated until we could get a negative test.” District representative Brooke Federico said in an email that the province didn’t recognize any individual who was affirmed to have COVID-19 due to “patient protection.”

“The district likewise doesn’t talk about occasions that occurred in private meetings, for example, who joined in,” she said. Washington and administrators Kevin Jeffreys, V. Manuel Perez, and Karen Spiegel affirmed that they had been briefly isolated as a prudent step in late July, albeit All had finished isolate by August 2 on the grounds that the test was negative… Jeff Hewitt, the manager of the other area, has not reacted to demands for input on whether he was isolated. Neither Hewitt nor his Chief of Staff, Boomer Shannon, reacted to demands for input on Tuesday.

An obscure number of region authorities on the fifth floor of the district organization focus, which houses the administrative office, were additionally isolated. Because of being compelled to isolate, Washington, a locale that incorporates the Southwestern region, missed July 31st.

Great opening of French Valley Library”I’ve been working for over five years,” said the manager. “I couldn’t say whether a person who tried positive gave our CEO or seat (Spiegel) with that adverse test outcome,” Washington said. “Realizing Chair Madam, I won’t go to an immediate private meeting until it is affirmed that somebody has seen the negative test results before we go higher up. I need you to get it. “

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Inoculated Washington went to Tuesday’s shut meeting by means of Zoom. “We didn’t get confirmed proof of individual COVID test results,” Washington Chief of Staff Michelle Dearmond said in an instant message. Washington didn’t designate any individual who tried positive.

Area authorities wouldn’t distinguish the individual whose boss had to isolate by a positive test, and said DeArmond didn’t name the individual since he was unable to share somebody’s clinical data without his assent.

Stressed over Covid, Riverside County administrator goes to shut meeting distantly – Press Enterprise Source interface Worried about Covid, Riverside County manager goes to shut meeting distantly – Press Enterprise .


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