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The Unraveling Saga of Operation #STORM: Pascal Najadi’s Shocking Revelations

In a riveting narrative presented by Pascal Najadi, a prominent figure and whistleblower, a perplexing tale unfolds, shedding light on what he calls “Global US Military Operation #STORM reality.” According to Najadi, a covert war has been waged since December 2019, with Donald J. Trump emerging as the actual wartime president fighting against rogue government elements to dismantle the globalist Deep State.

Najadi delves into a detailed account of the alleged machinations of these rogue elements, implicating figures like Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, and President Biden in orchestrating what he terms a democide and treachery against the United States. The centrepiece of this narrative is the meticulously planned and executed COVID PsyOp, which, according to Najadi, led to the injection of over 5.7 billion individuals worldwide with a bioweapon disguised as an experimental mRNA gene-altering substance.

He accuses pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna of collaborating with these figures to profit from unconstitutional regimes established under the guise of “COVID Laws.” These laws, based on a fraudulent PCR test, allegedly demonised the unvaccinated, leading to the establishment of a QR-code-separated society in violation of the Swiss Constitution’s principles.

Najadi reveals the personal impact he and his mother faced during these turbulent times, emphasizing the broader implications for millions pressured by unconstitutional laws and restrictions. He claims violations of Article 8 of the Swiss Constitution, asserting betrayal by governments responsible for upholding constitutions.

The narrative takes a dramatic turn when Najadi alleges the involvement of rogue United States military elements, including the War Generals Alliance, in engineering the bioweapon with the help of Dr. Fauci. President Trump, initially manipulated, becomes a central figure in derailing the globalist agenda, leading the alliance consisting of 33 nations’ militaries under US Space Force leadership.

Najadi connects the dots between the orchestrated pandemic, the lockdowns, and the alleged manipulation of people into accepting vaccines as a means to regain their freedom. He paints a dystopian vision of a world where personal vehicles and private properties become obsolete, replaced by 15-minute cities, and financial aid comes with the condition of accepting the World Health Pass and a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) wallet.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn with the rise of a strategic alliance—the War Generals Alliance—aimed at dismantling the global Deep State. Trump’s declaration, “The Storm is now upon us,” symbolizes, according to Najadi, the beginning of the end for the global Deep State, with Operation Storm headlined by the US Space Force.

Najadi, who claims to have taken three Pfizer bioweapon mRNA shots, seeks justice through the Swiss Legal System, expressing frustration with unreliable governments, judiciaries, and medical professionals. He introduces the film “Cutting off the Head of the Snake in Geneva” as a legal blueprint for retribution and calls on humanity to trust the military, preparing for an unparalleled shock period in 2024.

In a shocking revelation, Najadi asserts that the United States has been at war since December 2019, framed by President Trump’s Executive Order 13818. Switzerland is identified as one of the targets of this ongoing US-led military operation, with claims suggesting the execution of former VP Joe Biden and the alleged fabrication of the entire Biden administration by the US military to dismantle the globalist Deep State.

The narrative concludes with Najadi’s proclamation that 2024 will witness the downfall of fake democracies and the rise of US military rule and justice, bringing an end to the globalist Deep State. The supporting links provided include press releases, interviews, documentaries, and legal blueprints that Najadi claims corroborate his shocking disclosures. Whether these claims hold true or not, they paint a picture of a world entangled in a web of deceit and manipulation.

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