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Arrange For Your Child’s COVID-19 Vaccine In Conjunction With Other Annual Shots

Covid vaccination for children

Vaccine for children

Health experts encourage parents to consider planning vaccine if they plan to have their child vaccinated for COVID-19.

Health experts report that if a child contracts COVID-19, the effects are very mild. Doctors encourage parents to vaccinate their children for various reasons.

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“It can be used as a reservoir. They can infect other more risky family members, such as immunocompromised persons, grandparents, grandparents, etc “Dr. Jeffrey Gardner, Chair of Arnot Health Pediatrics, said

Dr. Gardner says kids can not get another vaccination two weeks before first vaccine COVID-19.

“The three weeks between the two COVID doses and then two more weeks before any other vaccine can be taken are then five more weeks.”

Health experts advise that parents should be careful if their child is due for other shots.

“There’s no need to hesitate, I don’t think. Let’s say it’s in August and for September’s entrance they’re expected to. Your office will send you a notice stating that it is a medical contradiction to vaccinate you before a certain date, “Gardner said. Gardner said.

If your child needs other state-controlled vaccines, doctors will speak to school officials if the COVID 19 vaccination appointment is planned around the time.

“Yes, these other vaccines are necessary, but you’re still sure that everybody knows what your child is supposed to get. For example, if you have a child who is vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine in COVID-19, they cannot have another vaccine within a period of two weeks before the date of their vaccination.”

Dr. Gardner said your child would possibly not receive COVID-19 vaccine of Pfizer at the same location as HPV, Tetanus or Meningitis.

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“As the storage and transport problems in the Pfizer vaccine have to be stored in very cold and multi-dose vials, it will not be available in most doctors’ offices,” Gardner said.

Parents should arrange their annual shots and an appointment in a COVID-19 vaccine clinic with the doctor of their child.


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