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Biden: During The Special Enrollment Period, One Million Americans Enrolled In Healthcare.

President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that one million Americans had signed up for health insurance via the US state website Healthcare.gov during a special enrollment period that began on February 15.

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Biden, a Democrat, reopened the country’s online health insurance market earlier this year in order to enable more Americans to benefit from the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

“One million more Americans will be able to sleep at night without fear of what will happen if they or a family member becomes sick. We have made significant strides in improving access to health insurance through this special registration incentive “In a statement, Biden said.

Biden: 1M sign up for health care during special enrollment | National News  | nptelegraph.com

The special registration period will end on August 15th.

“There is still time to apply, and I urge those in need of health insurance to go to HealthCare.gov by August 15. If you already have coverage, you can assist family and friends who do not have coverage in obtaining coverage, “Biden said. Biden said.

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