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Chemo Response Prediction by ImpriMed is now available.


ImpriMed, Inc., a main veterinary exactness medication biotech startup today reported the starting of their most exceptional accuracy medication administration for canine hematopoietic tumors – ImpriMed Chemo Response Prediction and ImpriMed Immunophenotyping for Canine Lymphoma. These administrations not just expect to set ImpriMed’s way to deal with augment the data that a veterinary oncologist can use yet will make the expectation to the correct treatment a lot quicker.

ImpriMed Launches Chemo Response Prediction and Immunophenotyping Services  for Canine Lymphoma

Dr. Sungwon Lim, Chief Executive Officer and Co-originator of ImpriMed said, “During the previous three years, we’ve gotten really astonishing help from the veterinary local area. We are right now working with more than 150 veterinary oncologists whose 2,000 canine patients have profited by taking part in our clinical investigation.”

ImpriMed Chemo Response Prediction for Canine Lymphoma utilizes man-made consciousness (AI), the lone assistance in the veterinary market to foresee which disease treatment drugs are well on the way to be compelling for a specific canine’s lymphoma or leukemia utilizing ‘live’ cell information from chemosensitivity and immunophenotyping. The help incorporates:

Restrictive medication affectability test on singular patient’s live tumor cells using up to 13 of the most endorsed hostile to malignant growth drugs for canine lymphomas or leukemias

Time course and viability expectations for CHOP convention, the highest quality level combinatorial chemotherapy for canine lymphoma patients, with ImpriMed’s broad data set and AI-driven innovation

Stream cytometry to measure surface protein articulations on the patient’s malignant growth cells

PCR for Antigen Receptor Rearrangements (PARR) to explore clonality of patient examples

Brief immunophenotyping result warning in 3-4 days

Full-administration report incorporating AI-driven in vivo drug reaction forecasts in 7 days

ImpriMed Immunophenotyping for Canine Lymphoma incorporates both stream cytometry and PARR to accomplish high affectability and explicitness. The help uses simply a fine needle goal (FNA) test and can convey exact outcomes to the veterinarians in 3-4 days.

Science — ImpriMed: AI-driven personalized drug response prediction for dog  lymphoma

With ImpriMed’s administration report, specialists can settle on the best treatment way dependent on the points of interest of the canine’s lymphoma. The thorough report incorporates drug affectability (in vivo drug reaction forecast information aggregated utilizing progressed man-made reasoning), stream cytometry, and PARR results. For more data on ImpriMed’s key item, Chemo Response Prediction Service, kindly visit here.


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