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Gabrielle Union And 14-Year-Old Zaya Wade Pose In Prada: ‘Great Minds Think Alike’

Zaya Wade and Gabrielle Union have similar fashion senses.The 14-year-old posted photos on Instagram Monday of herself and the Bring It On actress, both dressed in Prada, posing on a staircase. The two cozied up to each other, purses in hand, looking into the camera side by side.

Zaya captioned the post, “Great minds think alike @prada.”Dwyane Wade praised his wife and daughter’s photo shoot on Instagram, writing, “Stop It you two @gabunion @zayawade.” “You shopping with Prada now big time,” his 19-year-old son Zaire Wade commented on Zaya’s post. Dwyane, 39, has been an outspoken LGBTQ ally since his daughter Zaya came out as transgender last year, opening up about parenting each of his children to be “authentic.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union reveal 12-year-old child now goes by Zaya  and say they're 'proud parents' | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

” Wade also has a 7-year-old son, Xavier, and a nephew, Dahveon, as well as a 2-year-old daughter, Kaavia James, whom he shares with Union. “I get hope when I look at Zaya,” he told PEOPLE in April. “Because I’m like, okay, we raised [our children] to be genuine.” Dwyane and Union, who are both vocal LGBTQ+ community activists through their Wade Family Foundation, also explained how they are unequivocal about what is acceptable and what they will never tolerate when it comes to the safety of their family members.

Gabrielle Union and 14-Year-Old Zaya Wade Pose Together in Prada: 'Great  Minds Think Alike' - Flipboard

“Our home will never be a haven for bigots,” Union declared. “I regard problematic language as violence, and I will never subject anyone I care about to violence, whether verbal, physical, emotional, or spiritual.” Jerks can be found in all walks of life. And in our household, we operate from a place of truth. But if you come after us, be prepared.””What I love about our home is that everyone is unique,” the NBA star’s father added. And we let their individuality shine.”


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