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Global Stock, United States Futures Mixed In Asia

Global stock markets and Wall Street’s future are mixed as coronavirus cases have risen in Thailand, Taiwan, and Singapore, and Chinese retailing and factory activity has been weaker than anticipated.

Global Stock, United States Futures Mixed In Asia

The global stock markets were mixed on Monday, as new coronavirus cases exacerbated disease problems in Thailand and Taiwan, and Chinese factories and consumer demand slowed more than anticipated.

In London and Frankfurt, the lower day started. Shanghai and Hong Kong grew as Tokyo fell.

After Friday’s S & amp; P 500 index rose and strong sales rebunded earlier in the day, Wall Street futures fell, but the index finished the week down 1.4 percent, the biggest weekly fall in three months.

There have been 9,635 new coronavirus cases recorded in Thailand. This raised concerns after Taiwan and Singapore declared bans on public meetings and other new infection restrictions over the weekend. Concerns that the area’s recovery would be slowed were fueled by the recovery of economies that seemed to dominate the epidemic.

Global stocks, US futures mixed as virus cases surge in Asia | World News |  postregister.com

“The buying of something exuberant that ended in New York this week didn’t translate into Asian markets,” Oanda’s Jeffrey Halley said in a statement. “Instead, Asia has dominated the news due to an increase in Covid-19 accidents.”

The minutes of the Federal Reserve’s most recent meeting, held on Tuesday, were eagerly awaited by investors.

In early trading, the London FTSE 100 fell 0.4 percent to 7,018.67, while the Frankfurt DAX fell less than 0.1 percent to 15,402.13. The CAC 40 in Paris fell 0.2 percent to 6,373.84%.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average’s future for the S & amp; P 500 was down 0.2 percent on Wall Street.

The S & amp; P 500 index gained 1.5 percent to 4,173.85 on Friday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 1.1 percent to 34,382.13, after falling 1.1 percent the previous week. The Nasdaq rose 2.3 percent to 13,429.98, after falling 2.3 percent in the previous week.

On Wall Street, technology inventories led the way higher on Friday. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon.com, and Google’s parent company all increased by at least 1%. The value of retailers, banks, and inventories is all increasing.

This followed three days of strong sales, which were fueled by investor concerns about potential US inflation. Last week, the major indices reached new highs.

Global stocks, US futures mixed as virus cases surge in Asia | National  News | martinsvillebulletin.com

In Asia, the Shanghai Composite Index grew 0.8 percent to 3,517.62 points after government data revealed that manufacturing, retail spending, and investment growth slowed in April from the previous month’s blistering rate.

The Nikkei 225 index in Tokyo dropped 0.9 percent to 27,824.83, while the Hang Seng in Hong Kong rose 0.6 percent to 28,194.09.

The Kospi in Seoul fell 0.6 percent to 3134.52, while the S & P-ASX 200 fell 0.1 percent to 7023.60.

In India, the Sensex rose 1.4 percent to 49,407,13. Bangkok and Jakarta were the leading cities in Singapore and New Zealand.

In comparison to India’s thousands of new cases of viruses, Taiwan’s 333 and Singapore’s 21 were insignificant. However, after Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, they have reinstated restrictions in response to an increase in the number of incidents.

“You don’t have much time to nip this up until you’re facing an Indian crisis,” ING Robert Carnell wrote in a post.”The performance of the current policies will be assessed to a large extent by the economic effects.”

In electronic trading, the US average on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose 11 cents to $65.48 per barrel. On Friday, the contract rose from $1.55 to $65.37. Brent crude, the international oil standard, rose 13 cents to 68,84 US dollars per barrel in London. It closed at $68.71, up $1.66 from the previous session.

On Friday, the dollar fell to 109.27 yen from 109.36 yen. The euro gained value, rising from 1.2143 to 1.2150 dollars.

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