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Mina Rezvan – Improving Communication & Relationship Between Parents And Children.

She guides parents to develop their skills and adapt best practices to improve child behaviour and overall health.

Mina is a distinguished parenting coach whose passion to enhance the emotional health of kids has taken her work to the next level. She strongly advocates safe and connected growing up years for children, which helps them become emotionally healthy going ahead in life. Her primary aim is to work with parents, raising their awareness towards mindful and conscious parenting, which helps nurture children’s emotional intelligence. To make parents get acquainted with this method, Mina provides tools, resources and support that will help parents manage their own emotions and teach their kids how to manage theirs. She has gained enough prominence as an expert parenting facilitator whose specialization in early childhood needs has worked wonders. Holding a master’s degree in child development from the institute of education, University of London, which she attained in 2002, she has established a strong foothold in the industry as a qualified parenting coach having worked with families coming from distinct cultures and racial heritage. To date, she has held many parenting skills workshops in the UK and the Middle East.

She spreads knowledge about child development in a non-judgmental and safe forum with parents, which enables them to build stronger and deeper relationships with their children. Her exceptional skills in conducting Filial play, which is a form of child-centred play that involves the parents and caretakers directly has helped her make a drastic positive change in the emotional well-being of children. Filial is known to help children express their feelings, desires and fears through the course of the play which results in the development of self-esteem and security. Mina has spent more than 15 years in the industry with children and families across the UK and the Middle East and has also worked on projects like Children’s Research Institute in Iran, for a UNICEF sponsored project in rural areas of Zahidan. The Project was aimed to empower women through training on basic children developmental needs and providing them with a practical toolbox, which saw a huge success rate with more than 40 local nurseries being set up.

Mina holds the position as one of the main board members of Ashiyaneh Ali Charity, which was set up in Kerman in 2005 after the Bam earthquake which devastated the area, leaving many children orphaned. The charity is managed and looked after by her aunt, Mrs Dehghan, a retired academic nursery head who has dedicated her life to the welfare of children. Having travelled to countries like Africa, Middle East and Far-East Asia, and worked across the globe, she has done exceptionally well in her endeavours to create a safe world for children.

To know more about Mina do visit – http://philolifewellbeing.com/

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