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How Motor Culture Australia Single-Handedly Changed The Face Of The Automotive Scene.

The Australian car scene has had an overall bad reputation for as long as anyone can remember. The media has consistently reported acts of ‘hooning’ over the last few years, ‘hooning’ being described as the act of using a vehicle irresponsibly and dangerously in public places. It’s a problem that’s been attracting growing community concern throughout all Australian states and territories, with the result of ‘anti-hooning’ measures being put into place, notably with high-tech night-vision cameras and harsher penalties that include the impoundment of offenders’ vehicles.

Unfortunately, dangerous driving isn’t the only issue. Negativity, bullying and hateful comments on social media have become rampant. Hiding behind their anonymity, Facebook users on car sites feel they have the right to publicly ridicule and humiliate others simply because of their choice of vehicle. When challenged, the nay-sayers complain that they have a right to an opinion, but the derogatory comments are not only distressing to some, they also reflect badly on the community as a whole.

The consensus has always been that this sort of behaviour cannot be contained and that the best we can do is to ignore it as best we can. But in 2018, one young Australian felt that something could be done to change things around, and has done just that. Tom McPherson grew up loving everything to do with cars and bikes but was disturbed by the negativity and exclusivity that he consistently encountered. He was well aware that the majority of car lovers are decent people, with the hoons and the bullies being a small minority.

“I wanted to create a place where that type of negativity wouldn’t be tolerated,” says McPherson. “I envisioned a community where everyone would be friendly, positive and supportive.”

McPherson created a platform called ‘Car Culture’ in Brisbane, which started gaining a lot of attention. The word was spread utilizing social media, especially Instagram, and McPherson put in a lot of effort outlining his expectations with regards to behaviour. People responded well, and Car Culture became so popular that McPherson took it nationally and renamed it Motor Culture Australia.

Motor Culture has since blossomed into a membership platform with over 100,000 members.  Draws for big-ticket items that include Harley Davidsons, BMWs, Lamborghinis and Mercedes, access to social nights with free food and coffee, discounts on parts and services, VIP access to car meets across the country and many other benefits are available to members. The platform also makes a point of giving back to the community by donating to needy Australian charities.

Does McPherson still encounter the type of hateful behaviour he’s trying to eliminate? He does. And some of it is directed at him and his Motor Culture. But his efforts have gone a long way to protect others from being harassed, and he has successfully created a safe community for tens of thousands of car lovers across the country.

We need more people like Tom McPherson in the world!

For more information about Motor Culture Australia, visit https://motorcultureaustralia.com.

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