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Ohio To Award Five Residents With A $1 Million Vaccine Lottery

$1 in Ohio for Vaccine

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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced Wednesday that five vaccinated residents will raise the vaccine percentage by $1 million each.

Ohio To Give Five Residents $1 Million Each In Vaccine Lottery

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“We will announce on 26 May two weeks from tonight a separate draw for adults who received their first vaccine dose at least. This announcement will take place every Wednesday for five weeks, and the winner receives one million dollars every Wednesday,” said DeWine on Wednesday’s Tweet Thread.
The drawings will be made by the Ohio lottery, said DeWine. All Ohio residents over 18 years of age are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine at least once.
The winners are selected from the public registration database of Ohio’s voters. Those who are not registered for voting but want to be included in the drawing can register via a website which will be available in the next week.

According to DeWine, funding for $5 million of donations and costs to manage the drawing will come from the existing federal COVID-19 relief funds. He did not specify the funds for which they were originally allocated.

Ohio to Give $1 Million to 5 Adults Who Receive Vaccine and 5 Scholarships  | Complex

“I know some may say, ‘You’re insane, DeWine! This idea of drawing millions of dollars from you is a waste of money.” However, the real waste at this stage in the pandemic — where the vaccine is readily available for anyone who wants it — is a COVID-19 life lost,” tweeted DeWine on Wednesday.
The announcements are made in an effort to vaccinate as many Ohio residents as possible. DeWine highlighted the importance of vaccinations in a statewide address, noting that “those who are not vaccinated remain virus prone.”

“We hope for a good summer, but we must also be able to safely winter through the dark days. To do this, we have to vaccinate a far higher percentage of Ohioans,” said DeWine. He also noted that “almost 100 percent of non-vaccinated hospitals occurred between 1 January and 13 April


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