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Reclaim Your Online Security With UAE-Based Tech Expert Saud Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed

Saud Bin Ahmed

Online security and safety are a matter of concern that has only taken up a bigger part of daily life in recent years. The world has seen a surge in digitalization and along with it, a huge increase in fraudulent activities as well.

Known also as phishing, such fraudulent activity is a great danger to anyone and everyone who uses the internet. Moreover, if you are an online shopper then the concept of phishing carries an even more terrible possibility with one where not only your identification but also your money and possibly your bank details are being stolen.

However, acting against phishing and promoting cyber security is not something everyone can do. For superior service and heightened security, a professional is required.

This is where Saud Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Public Figure, known professionally as Saud Bin Ahmed, comes in.

Saud Bin Ahmed has over 20 years of experience providing anti-phishing advice and service and is one of the top names for cybersecurity from Sharjah. Saud Bin Ahmed is one of the pioneers from the Arab Emirates who are responsible for dismantling the 2013 incidents of ransomware.

The list doesn’t end here

Saud Bin Ahmed has worked as a consultant and programmer for the official website of His Excellency, Ahmed Bin Muhammad Al Jarwan, upon the president’s request and has also been a part of the Ministry’s team in their goal to bring down fake news and anti-Nationalist propaganda.

According to Saud Bin Ahmed, the greatest cybersecurity threat comes from emails that have the highest rate of phishing links.

Usually, these can be identified in the form of a call to action which requires the user to install a third-party application that contains files or malware which self-downloads onto the device once clicked upon.

Phishing links may also lead to a fake website that mimics something official, thus asking for login credentials and stealing our identity. In particular, businesses are at high risk of phishing through emails as most communication needs a semi-official platform and email fits this bill.

However, having a website or brand page that contains a virus or allows customers to potentially be at risk is not at all acceptable and could lead to, at best a loss of trust and at worst a legal case of stolen identity.

“The best way to combat against such risks to cybersecurity is to install good antivirus program which protects against all risks of malware and leaves you safe to roam the internet 24/7.”, Saud Bin Ahmed adds

This UAE-based tech entrepreneur and influencer has a lot of potentials and even more importantly, a desire to help others comply with cybersecurity norms. Saud Bin Ahmed is quickly rising as a household name and we are sure to see more of him shortly.


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