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The Weeknd’s ‘Take My Breath’ Music Video Is Strobe-tastic: Check It Out


The Weeknd’s next collection changes into another gear with the arrival of “Take My Breath.” Prodded recently on the R&B star’s social channels, “Take My Breath” dropped in full at 12 PM

. Overflowing in disco creation, “Take My Breath” sparkles with warms keys, synth arpeggios and a driving beat. What’s more, it’s joined by a true to life visual coordinated by Cliqua, which accompanies a harsh admonition for epileptics because of its exceptional strobing effects.

“Take My Breath” is The Weeknd’s first new music since the March 2020 arrival of After Hours. That collection impacted to No. 1 in no less than 20 business sectors, including the U.S. where it turned into the Canadian craftsman’s fourth chief.

New Video: The Weeknd - 'Take My Breath' - That Grape Juice

The Weeknd recently declared “the day break is coming” at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards in May.

“I simply need to say the After Hours are done and the day break is coming,” the whiz said during his acknowledgment discourse after he won the Top Hot 100 Song grant for his crush single “Blinding Lights,” which made impacted the world forever as the main tune at any point to go through a year in the Billboard Hot 100’s best 10.


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