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Tyler The Creator Admits That Beating DJ Khaled To The Top Of The Album Chart In 2019 Was Fun


Recently, Tyler The Creator acquired the second No. 1 collection of his profession with Call Me If You Get Lost. The diagram clincher came two years after he acquired his first No.1 with Igor back in 2019.

That achievement didn’t come without discussion as DJ Khaled hammered Billboard for miscommunication about what kind of deals would check towards Father Of Ashad. That clearly prompted it checking in at No. 2 on the collections graphs, behind Tyler’s Igor.

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During a new meeting on HOT 97’s Ebro In The Morning, Tyler talked about that second and the sentiments he had because of the remarks Khaled made which included naming his music as “secretive sh*t.””Bro that Khaled thing resembled, it was fun, it was simply watching a man kick the bucket inside,” Tyler said.

“The weirdo was winning, I was moonwalking in a hairpiece. This n**** had everybody on his collection. Everybody.

That n**** conscience was emptied, he’ll presumably never concede [it]. I didn’t say nothing, I just let that No. 1 talk.

N****’s inner self needed to manage that since his entire personality is by and large No. 1. Also, when he didn’t get that, that sat with him longer, all things considered, time than that second.”

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He later added, “For some person like that to somewhat in a roundabout way resemble, ‘That ain’t genuine rap, that ain’t genuine Black music,’ that is the thing that it seemed like,” prior to taking note of that he actually has some regard for Khaled’s ascent to fame as he’s somebody the rapper tuned in since he was youthful.


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