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Where To Find Ribbon Plant In Subnautica: Below Zero

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In Subnautica: Below Zero, players can use Ribbon’s evolutionary features to manufacture portable sources of energy.

As players continue to explore Subnautica ‘s various Arctic biomes: below zero, it may help to invest in battery supply for their expeditions. Whether they are searching for valuable fragments of tools and vehicles or even mining raw material, equipment will sooner or later start to lose power. In order to build these portable sources of energy, players must collect deep sea vegetation called the Ribbon Plant.

One of the first things that players should note is that for Subnautica the previous recipe for battery production was changed: below zero. While players at Subnautica were able to produce batteries using Acid Mushrooms, the recipe now uses the Ribbon Plant’s acidic core.
Other biomes, including Main Crystal Caves, Glacial Basin Underwater Caves, Glacial Caves Fabricator, Glacial Connection and the Lilypad Island Caves can also feature Ribbon Plants in addition to Shallow Twisty Bridges. However, be careful. Some of these regions contain several terrifying Subnautica deep-sea creatures. The ribbon plant can be a resource offered by the Sea Monkeys to the player.

After enough Ribbon plants have been collected, players can store batteries. A combination of 2x Ribbon plants and 1x Copper Ore is needed to build a single battery. Copper can be found in numerous biomes, so players should not find this material very difficult to locate. Batteries can be manufactured using the Fabricator with the necessary resources. Players can now continue their adventures in the wide open world of the game without worrying about the energy levels of their equipment.

In addition to the production of batteries, the energy potential of the Ribbon Plant is also used in the production of benzene, one of the ingredients needed to build the Prawn Suit Graphing Arm. Players, however, only require a 1x Ribbon Plant for the Benzene recette, as well as 2x Flowering Spores in the Lilypad Caves.


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