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Biden places border crisis on Trump admin’s refusal to cooperate

In an exclusive interview of “TODAY” Biden also said that he “thinks that the American population is racist,” but that the Black Americans are “behind the eight balls.”

President Joe Biden blamed Trump for ongoing problems on the border of the United States and Mexico, citing the lack of cooperation in the presidential transition, and the sharing of sensitive information.

Biden said his administration had inherited a “God-wittering chaos at the edge” from former President Donald Trump in an exclusive Friday interview with Craig Melvin as co-anchor of the “TODAY.” He said it is the product of “the lack of a genuine change — the last administration’s cooperation, as every other administration did.”

Biden lays border crisis on Trump admin's refusal to cooperate

After the elections in November, Biden said he had sent his transition team to the government’s leading officials.

Biden said that his team did not know until he was sworn to the office that many people from those agencies had been “uncomplicated” with Trump. “The two departments that gave us almost nothing were the immigration and the defense department,”

Biden refused to call the situation at the border a crisis. He also recognized the difficulty of the administration of Trump’s union of the children and families.

“We’re still unfamiliar with these children,” he said. “We try to find what happened, like hell. When he got separated, what happened to the child? Where would they go? Where would they go? What are they where? Where are they? ”

During a broad interview held on Thursday at the White House, Sen. Tim Scott from South Carolina in an official reply from the Republican Republic to his first speech at Congress on Wednesday asked Biden about his race remarks. Scott, the sole Black Republican senator, said he had “pained bigotry,” but he urges visitors to “have a fair hearing on me: America is not racial.”

If he disagrees, Biden was asked.

“Not, the American people don’t believe I am racist. But, after 400 years, I think that, in terms of schooling, health, and opportunity, the African Americans were left in the place where they’re so far behind the eight ball. “I don’t think that America’s racist, but I think that all Jim Crow’s overhangs have been costly and we have to live with it before that slavery.”

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Melvin also questioned Biden, and when the news broke, whether he had been informed about the search warrants issued in the Rudi Giuliani apartment and office.

“I’m giving you my word, I haven’t been,” said Biden.

Biden added, “I made a vow. “I will never interfere—orders or attempts to avoid any Justice Department investigation. Last night I heard about it when the rest of the world got to see it.”

When he was asked if any other research had been informed, Biden said, “No, and I don’t ask for a briefing — that is an objective decision of the Department of Justice.”

Biden said the Trump administration “politicised the Department of Justice so poorly, half of them left.”

“That is not the job of the chairman to say who should be prosecuted, who should not be prosecuted. This isn’t the chairman’s position. The Department of Justice is the human rights prosecutor, not the lawyer of the president.”

The remarks of Biden came the day after FBI officials issued search warrants to seize electronic devices from Giuliani’s Manhattan flat and office. The investigations have shown that the investigators are continuing their inquiry into Giuliani, the former mayor of the City of New York.

Biden and first lady Jill Biden were also asked about the German shepherd, Major, who had a few incidents at the White House who entered the discussion to the end.

“He’s such a lovely and friendly dog. It’s truly,” said the first lady.

She said that she was taking a female cat and said that the part of Major’s Secret Service training included taking him to a cat shelter.

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