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China Claims That It’s Martian Rover Has Made Its First Drive On The Red Planet’s Surface.

China Claims That It's Martian Rover Has Made Its First Drive On The Red Planet's Surface.

A far off controlled Chinese mechanized meanderer drove down the slope of its arrival container on Saturday and onto the outside of Mars, making China the main country to circle, land, and convey a land vehicle on its debut mission to the Red Planet. 

Zhurong, named after a legendary Chinese lord of fire, drove down to the outside of Mars at 10:40 a.m. Beijing time (0240 GMT), as per the meanderer’s true Chinese web-based media account. 

China this month joined the United States as the lone country to send land vehicles to Mars. The previous Soviet Union handled a specialty in 1971, but it lost correspondence seconds after the fact. 

China's Zhurong Mars rover takes first drive on surface of Red Planet -  News | Khaleej Times

The 240-kg (530-pound) Zhurong, which has six logical instruments including a high-goal geography camera, will examine the planet’s surface soil and environment. 

Fueled by sunlight-based energy, Zhurong will likewise search for indications of the old life, including any subsurface water and ice, utilizing a ground-infiltrating radar during its 90-day investigation of the Martian surface. 

According to the authoritative China Space News, Zhurong will move and stop in slow stretches, with each span estimated to be only 10 meters (33 feet) longer than three days.

“The lethargic advancement of the meanderer was because of the restricted comprehension of the Martian climate, so a moderate traditionalist working mode was uniquely planned,” Jia Yang, an architect associated with the mission, disclosed to China Space News. 

Jia stated that he would not rule out a faster speed in the later stages of the meanderer’s central goal, depending on its operational state at the time.

Jia said the meanderer was intended to be profoundly self-governing on the grounds that the distance to Mars, at 320 million km (200 million miles), implies a sign that requires 40 minutes to travel two different ways, representing an obstacle to ongoing control of the wanderer. 

China says Martian rover takes first drive on surface of Red Planet |  Reuters

He also mentioned that Martian temperatures are an issue: a nighttime drop to less than 130 degrees Celsius (less than 200 degrees Fahrenheit) freezes carbon dioxide, covering the lopsided progress with a layer of dry ice–a territory hazard for the explorer.

Zhurong has a computerized suspension framework that can lift and lower its case by 60 centimeters (2 feet), the lone wanderer with such an ability, as per China Space News. 

The wanderer is covered by nano-aerogel plates to shield its body from the virus. 

Residue tempests could likewise influence the wanderer’s capacity to produce power through its sunlight-based boards, Jia said. To defeat this, the board surface is made with a material that can’t be handily stained by cleaning and can undoubtedly shake the dust off by vibration, he said. 


China’s uncrewed Tianwen-1 space apparatus was launched from the southern Chinese island of Hainan in July a year ago. After over a half year on the way, Tianwen-1 arrived at the Red Planet in February where it had been in a circle since. 

On May 15, the arrival container conveying the meanderer isolated from Tianwen-1 and landed on a huge plain known as Utopia Planitia, accepted to be the site of an old sea. 

China says Zhurong rover takes first drive on surface of Mars | Hindustan  Times

The main pictures taken by the wanderer were delivered by the Chinese space office on Wednesday. 

The directions of the arrival site are 109.9 degrees east and 25.1 degrees north, China Space News said. 

Tianwen-1 was one of three tests that arrived on Mars in February. 

U.S. wanderer Perseverance landed on Feb. 18 in colossal wretchedness called Jezero Crater, in excess of 2,000 km (1,240 miles) from Utopia Planitia. 

expectation-the third space apparatus to show up in February-isn’t intended to land. Dispatched by the United Arab Emirates, it is circling above Mars, gathering information on its climate and environment. 

Diligence and Zhurong are among three mechanical meanderers working on Mars. The third is NASA’s Curiosity, which arrived in 2012. 

NASA’s InSight, which showed up on the outside of the planet in 2018 to consider its inside, is a fixed module.

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