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Don Lemon abruptly Ends His Tenure As Host Of “CNN Tonight.”

Don Lemon quits CNN

Don Lemon

Lemon and CNN disclosed “What’s next” ahead of their Monday date, originally announced. “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” is replaced in the same format with the similarly named “Don Lemon Tonight.”

Don Lemon Sets 'Newly Named Show' After Confusion About 'CNN Tonight'  Departure

“Didn’t mean fire the internet. What I said was true last night,” Lemon wrote online.

“This is the last night that will be CNN Tonight With Don Lemon,” he told millions of viewers seconds before the following hour of CNN, a pre-taped special featuring Lemon on R&B singer Marvin Gaye, began. He said what comes next will be announced on Monday.

Don Lemon caused some frenzy out of CNN Anchor last night, announcing at the very end of Friday’s show that he was at the helm of CNN Tonight for his last time.
“This is the last night to be CNN Tonight With Don Lemon,” he says millions of viewers started a special pre-type with Lemon at R & B singer Marvin Gaye a few seconds before the next hour. He said on Monday what’s next will be announced.
The abrupt announcement left many assuming that Lemon left the network he had worked on at NBC News for 15 years.

Hours before Lemon’s announcement, journalist Jon Nicosia said in a tweet that he had a “scoop,” “a big CNN anchor would be out of doors before 1 June.” The timing led many to think that Lemon was out, but Nicosia would explain later that he didn’t talk about Lemon
Lemon also tweeted a video from his office right before the show, saying that he had an announcement to share with his audience. “An era’s end… ought I to say this?” he said in a Twitter video.

Tucker Carlson’s co-funded outlet Daily Caller, a tweet from Jordan Lancaster, a right-wing reporter, assumed that LEMON had “his last CNN shows” and went viral right after the show came off with a clip of LEMON’s quick message.

“I told you that I had an announcement so earlier, and I did,” Lemon said on the clip. “It was really, really great — the last night [there] was going to be… With Don Lemon CNN Tonight,” he said before he stopped.
Lemon promised to come on Monday with more details about what’s next for him at CNN. It is not clear whether this could be due to the departure of another TV member of CNN, as Nicosia suggested.

Don Lemon's CNN show is getting a new name - CNN

“I won’t leave CNN, so you’ve got to tune at 10:00 [P.M. EST] in Monday to see. That’s it,” he says strongly, “I’m not leaving. I’m not going to leave!”

CNN Tonight has been hosted by Lemon since 2014, and has been broadcast live since 10:00 PM, from 1 to 2 hours in 2019. It moved into time after Piers Morgan Live was cancelled, which in 2011 replaced CNN’s Long-run Larry King Live show.


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