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Facebook Has Invested Roughly $13 Billion In Safety And Security,Since 2016

Facebook Inc said on Tuesday that it has invested more than $13 billion in safety and security measures since 2016, just days after a newspaper reported that the company had failed to address “the platform’s ill effects” that researchers had discovered.

The social media company said it now has 40,000 people working on safety and protection, in comparison with 10,000 five years ago.

Facebook Spent Over $13 Billion On Safety, Security Since 2016

The Wall Street Journal mentioned last week that Facebook had performed down the terrible consequences on young customers of its Instagram app and had a susceptible reaction to alarms raised by employees over how the platform is used in developing nations with the aid of human traffickers. Facebook also mentioned an assessment of inner enterprise documents.

Within the beyond, we didn’t cope with protection and security-demanding situations early enough within the product development system, “the organization stated in a blog post. However, “we’ve basically modified that technique.”

Facebook spent over $13 bln on safety, security since 2016 | MENAFN.COM

Facebook claimed that its artificial intelligence technology assisted it in the blocking of 3 billion fake accounts in the first half of this year.The employer also eliminated more than 20 million portions of fake COVID-19 and vaccine content material.

The company stated that it now removes 15 times more content that violates its hate speech policies across Facebook and its photo-sharing platform Instagram than it did when it first began reporting it in 2017.

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