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COVID-19 Is Slowing Down Hoda Kotb’s Third Child Adoption Process


Hoda Kotb has offered a report on the way toward extending her family. In another meeting, the “TODAY” co-anchor uncovered that COVID-19 pandemic has hindered her third kid reception measure.

When showing up on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” on Thursday night, July 15, the 56-year-old opened up, “You realize what’s interesting about the reception stuff that is going on now, evidently it’s truly delayed during this time, during COVID.”

Health Ministry issues guidelines for management of adult COVID-19 patients  | Lifestyle News,The Indian Express

She added, “I figured it would be an alternate game.”Hoda proceeded to clarify the explanation for the postponed cycle, saying, “They said that a many individuals who possibly would typically feel like it would be something they’d need to do, have a kid and afterward offer it to somebody to raise since they proved unable, are clutching things since they don’t have anything at that time.”

She proceeded, “So that is the thing that I’ve heard from our office. Everything’s sluggish.”


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