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Google Leads U.S. Business Preserve Work Permit for H-1B Spouses

Google is pressing the US company to keep the work permits of H-1B spouses active.

Google Leads U.S. Business Preserve Work Permit for H-1B Spouses

Google Alphabet Inc. confirmed today that it is leading a coalition of approximately 30 businesses and trade associations in opposing a lawsuit that seeks to bar more than 90,000 wives of highly qualified US visa employees from working in the country.

The organisations argue that removing the permit for spouses would cause financial hardship for families because the majority of life decisions, such as raising children or purchasing a home, are based on two revenue assumptions.

Google Leads US Business Push To Preserve Work Permits For H-1B Spouses

What Next

In the coming months, a federal judge in Washington is scheduled to rule on a case challenging H4 visa-linked work permits granted to spouses of H-1B visa holders in highly skilled technical and other industries.

Google’s Vice-President for Legal Affairs, Catherine Lacavera, stated in a blog post that the company was leading an amicus brief in this case.

Google leads US business push to preserve work permits for H-1B spouses

The case was filed in 2015 by Save Employment USA, a group of IT employees who reported losing their jobs to visa workers. It was postponed after President Donald Trump’s administration proposed abolishing the H-4 working visa program. However, the hammer never fell, and now both the plaintiff and President Joe Biden’s administration are seeking summary judgment.

Following employee complaints about work tech confusion, Google lawyers approached trade groups such as the IT Council and recruited Amazon.com Inc., Microsoft Corp., Pinterest Inc., the US Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations to sign the submission, according to two sources familiar with the discussions.

A smaller group of companies, including Google, filed an amicus brief last month in support of a separate case seeking an injunction to force the government to expedite the issuance of work permits.

In ongoing litigation, businesses are challenging even Trump’s rules for better pay for H-1B visa holders and priority visa-higher jobs.

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