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Google Chrome Will Soon Have A New Progressive Web App Feature.

Microsoft and Google are gradually introducing new PWA features to boost the web app experience on Windows and other platforms as more businesses and independent developers turn to Progressive Web Apps as their primary alternative for native apps.

Many people are unaware that a new technology known as a Progressive Web App (PWA) allows anyone to run mobile or desktop-oriented websites regardless of the client’s current OS (operating system).

Progressive web apps (or PWA) could soon be able to take advantage of Chrome’s latest API which would allow them to ‘handle’ OS files in the operating system.

The file handler class indicates that a web apps are able to handle a single form of file or multiple extensions. For example, in the manifest, you can assign images, etc to an editor with the ability to handle file types like these (jpeg, png, etc)

google chrome: Progressive Web Apps (PWA): Features and Benefits

You would, of course, expect that when double-tapping on a picture, it will open in a browser (outside the web). One of these file types can be registered in the manifest of a web app while Chromium does not allow it.

The stated aim of Google’s new project is to increase the transparency between web and native apps by increasing file support and providing a more unified user interface.

Google is planning to make a new permission request when it releases the next web app update: when it determines if a PWAs will register as a file handler for such file extensions.

Google is developing a new permission dialogue for PWAs that will request users to confirm they allow the app to handle such file extensions.

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

the new origin handling, but disabling and allowing trial behaviour from the operating system (registering the file handlers).

“There is an architectural reason why the trial must be set up in this way.-time a web app is accessed, we store a validity token and check to see if it has expired. The token must be valid for the file handlers to be unregistered. During initialization, we removed file handlers for all applications whose trial tokens had expired on the current origin,” Google confirmed.

It is estimated that Google is currently running tests on the Canary versions of Chrome with this feature, and will roll it out later this year.

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