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In A Non-Conference Matchup, The Lions Defeat The Warriors.


MIKE ECKELS, Westside Eagle Observer Midway through the Gravette-Life Way varsity game on Nov. 23, a Lions’ pride of Gabe Edgmon (10), Dakota Sizemore (0), and Braxton Muldoon (30) cuts off a Warrior shooter’s access to the basket.

GROVETTE –On Nov. 23, three-point field goals flew through the air at the Lions’ Den in Gravette as the Lions dominated the Life Way Christian Warriors with four straight in the first two minutes of the game. The Gravette Lions won by a score of 29 points in the end.The three-point shot was crucial in Tuesday night’s game, with the Lions taking a commanding lead over the stunned Life Way Warriors thanks to seven threes in the first quarter.

In addition to the seven in the first quarter, the Lions added two more in the second, three in the third, and two in the fourth quarter for a total of 14 three-point field goals in the game.After a five-year trial period, the new three-point field goal, which was in use in the National Basketball Association, was put into play during the 1986-87 high school basketball season across the country.

One year later, during the 1987-88 season, the National Federation of High School Athletics incorporated the shot into the game’s rules, and the field goal became an essential part of the game.After the Lions took possession of the ball on the tipoff, they went on a three-point shooting spree.

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Gravette missed an inside shot, and Sandeep Dhillon grabbed the rebound and took it outside the three-point line, where he hit the first of seven three-pointers in the first quarter. Brody Hunt hit the Lions’ second three-pointer less than a minute later, giving the Lions a 6-0 lead over the Warriors. This scenario was repeated on Gravette’s next possession when Michael Duke hit his third three-pointer in a row.

The Lions held a 10-0 lead after one free throw

Gravette fouled Warrior Luke Melton at the five-minute mark, sending him to the line for a pair of free throws. Melton missed the first but made up for it with the second to put the Warriors on the board. By the end of the first quarter, the Lions had built a commanding 26-4 lead over Life Way.

The Lions extended their lead in the second quarter by holding Life Way scoreless. When a Warriors player was fouled with two minutes left in the half, the Lions led by 33 points.

The first shot was blocked, but the second one was successful, giving LifeWay its first point of the second quarter. The Lions led the Warriors by 45-6 at halftime.

With the Gravette lead approaching 50 points by the midway point of the third quarter, Jeff Melton, who was filling in for Matt Busch, decided to let some of the players who normally get less playing time on the varsity team play the rest of the game.

This gave LifeWay the opportunity to catch up. However, it was insufficient, as the Gravette Lions defeated the Life Way Warriors 67-38.

Sam Dewitt led the Lions in scoring with 12, including three three-pointers; Dakota Sizemore had 10, including two three-point field goals; Brody Hunt had eight, including two threes; Michael Duke had seven, and Gunner Woolard had five.On November 24, the Gravette Lions traveled to Oklahoma City to compete in the Thunders Invitational basketball tournament against the Rogers Heritage War Eagles. The War Eagles defeated the Lions by a score of 78-57.


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