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Chidi Udengwu Jr is putting Nigeria on the global map with his extraordinary aptitude in basketball:

Chidi Udengwu Jr’s fascination with the sport started at a very young age when he was in middle school. Seeing a lot of his peers playing sports, he had decided to take it up as well and the rest is history. But luck did not favour him at all and try as he might, the young boy couldn’t get into the middle school team for two consecutive years. He thought that things might change once he got older and more skilled, but he still didn’t get to play for the school till his last year in senior high school. All these years of practice didn’t get him the results Chidi Udengwu Jr deserved, but he carried on in his dream and decided to carry on with basketball as at least a hobby, if not a profession.

Chidi Udengwu Jr went on to attend a year of prep school, followed by two years at San Bernardino Valley College, followed by two years at Idaho State University. It was only once he started going to college that Chidi Udengwu Jr realised that basketball is his true passion. Although it took him some time to come to this realisation, he did not waste any more of his youth and quickly decided to pursue basketball professionally. Now, he has made himself a formidable opponent and is Nigeria’s pride and joy.

Chidi Udengwu Jr has a height of over 6 feet and weighs only 200 pounds, making him the perfect candidate to ace every match. But just because God blessed him with this physique, it does not mean that he has not had to struggle. Chidi Udengwu Jr has had to face numerous hurdles and obstacles on his path to success, starting from family support to financial problems, as well as a sudden change of coaches. All these would set back any other person, but Chidi Udengwu Jr has overcome them with great will power. He has always had his eyes set on the goal, which has motivated him to keep on moving along the road to success. Along with this, he has an amazingly positive attitude which has not only bettered his outlook on life but has also impressed his teammates and others in the industry.

Till now, neither the NBA nor the G-League has any member of Nigerian descent in their team, but Chidi Udengwu Jr has hopes to change this statistic very soon. Apart from being on his way to achieving such lofty goals, he is also aware of the position of influence his job has put him in. This is why Chidi Udengwu Jr has recently begun his podcast, “Chit chat with Chidi”. The young basketball player enjoys this a lot as it gives him an opportunity to delve into his other interest of public speaking all while spreading motivation and positivity.

To keep up with this young star’s journey towards success, you can follow him on Instagram on his handle @chidi

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