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Mario Golf: Super Rush’s Complete Cast And Game Modes Have Been Revealed

Mario Golf

Mario golf

The latest gameplay trailer Mario Golf: Super Rush not only shows its sixteen-character roster, it also describes many of its gaming modes, including Speed Golf, Combat Golf and Golf Adventure.
Mario Golf: Nintendo Switch: Super Rush will be released on June 25, 2021 and will allow players to play golf with their favourite Mushroom Kingdom characters by button control or motion controls. While the game is intended to be easy to pick up and play, it has advanced shots such as curve shots, spin shots and more.

Mario Golf™: Super Rush for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

At the launch, Mario Golf: Super Rush will feature 16 characters with a special shot of their own, like a shot allowing Mario to blast balls away.

The complete list of golfers with their special shots is as follows when it has been shown in the gameplay trailer;
Mario – Blasts away impact balls.
Luigi – Freezes impact ground.
Wario – Generates interference from lightning.
TBA – Waluigi
Princess Peach – The Princess Peach – Blasts away balls.
Daisy – Blasts away impact balls.
Yoshi – Transforms balls into impact eggs.
Bowser – Blasts away impact balls.
TBA Bowser Jr.
Boo – Haunts impact balls.
Kong Donkey – TBA
Rosalina – Turns Star Bits balls into impact.
Pauline – The balls in her path are blowing away.
Toad – Blasts away impact balls.
Chargin’ Chuck – The balls in his path blasts away.

Speed Golf, Battle Golf, and Golf Adventure are all available game modes in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

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Super Rush allows you to play with up to four friends on a variety of courses locally or online, ranging from “lush, natural landscapes” to “fantastic areas that only Super Mario could find in the world.”

Speed Golf is one of the new ways to play Mario Golf. This frenetic mode allows you and up to three friends to get away so that after you hit them, they can race to your balls. Speed is the game’s name, and your goal is to make your ball into the hole first.

Throughout the process, players can take items that restore their durability, use special dashes to quickly move on or attack opponents, or use special shots to gain an advantage.

Another new mode is Battle Golf, a speed golf with special rules. More or less. On one single course, there are nine holes and the players are the first to claim three holes.


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