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North Korea warns Biden of “hostile politics”

On Sunday, North Korea announced that it had put Joe Biden in a “truly dangerous position” by labeling its nuclear threat as a “bluster,” and it issued a stern warning to the United States.

North Korea issued three statements over the weekend targeting the U.S. and the South Korean ally as a form of retribution for the continuing joint military exercises between the two countries. These comments about North Korea were accompanied by warnings that the administration might take unspecified actions in response.

North Korea warns US of 'very grave situation' over Biden speech | World  News – India TV

Biden pointed out the danger of North Korea and Iran’s nuclear programs as being significant threats to both American interests and to the rest of the world in his State of the Union address on Wednesday. He responded with the standard speech, saying the United States and its allies will “deal with” the intruders with “a mixture of diplomacy and harsh measures.”

The US chief executive is almost likely to have committed a grave mistake, according to a tweet by a high official at the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He said the remark shows that Joe Biden wants to persist with the hard-line approach toward North Korea.

Time would force the United States to seek corresponding action, he predicted.

As long as the United States maintains an aggressive stance, they can not. As talks between its leader, Kim Jong-un, and the US President have broken down, the group has doubled down on that demand since

Last year, North Korea tested their first short-range ballistic missiles of the year on March 25th. Analysts since have cautioned that the North could attempt more provocations or another nuclear test in an effort to strengthen its negotiating position.

As the administration, eager to resume talks with North Korea, will employ a “strategy somewhere between President Trump’s aggressive tactics,” and “Strategic Patience”, which tried to employ sanctions and other forms of pressure to achieve its objective, I think it’s safe to say that neither strategy had much success.

North Korea warns US of 'very grave situation' over Biden speech - Times of  India

The White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, said that “waiting for a long-term strategy is not in the United States’ national interest.” North Korea, she said, was planning a “a measured, rational strategy that is open to diplomacy” and was hoping to “to make progress that benefits the United States and our allies.”

Sekunji has stated that the administration’s recent mention of the word “diplomacy” is just a veiled attempt to conceal its hostile behaviour.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pyongyang issued a separate statement Sunday press release in which it criticised the administration for making the North’s human rights record a political pawn to criticise its social structure.

The spokesman was unable to provide an answer, but an unidentified member of the ministry said we would have no choice but to take steps like this in response. It has already been made clear that we will resist at all costs anyone who assaults our status of supreme leadership, and now is no time to talk more about that.

The department’s spokeswoman dismissed that argument last week by calling the country “the most authoritarian and totalitarian in the world”. Those officials at the US State Department of Defense have spoken of shoot-to-to-kill orders along the North Korean-Chinese border since the formation of COVVID.

On Sunday, the North Korean Kim’s younger sister, Kim Yo Jong, commented on South Korea’s failure to stop activists from sending up propaganda leaflets on balloons across the border. “

Using defector launching techniques such as this could endanger South Koreans unnecessarily, according to the South Korean government, which outlawed it in March because it challenged North Korea’s government and jeopardized the safety of those living within its borders.It used the broadcasts in 2013 as justification for the building attack in which both Koreas operated together.

North Korea Warns Biden Against 'Hostile Policy' - The New York Times

He reportedly leads a South Korean defectors’ party that had released 50,000,000 leaflets with half a million helium balloons earlier this week, defying the injunction against doing so. His claim was that the South Korean government had prohibited defectors from revealing North Korean views in the international media.

She referred to the defectors as “human waste” in her comment on the North Korean rocket, saying that the South Korean government will “resort to firm and severe punishment in response to the extreme provocation.”

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