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Jenna Marbles engaged to YouTuber Julien Solomita

Jenna Marbles engaged

Julien, the internet personality’s other half, confirmed the happy news on Tuesday during a Twitch stream – and even showed fans a glimpse of her diamond engagement ring. He revealed: “I asked Jenna Marbles to marry me not long ago, and she said yes. So we’ve decided to get married.”

Jenna Marbles & Julien Solomita announce their engagement - Dexerto

Julien, who is also a content creator, then displayed his engagement ring as well as the diamond ring with which he proposed to Jenna, 34.The YouTuber explained that he didn’t have a specific reason for proposing, but that “I just woke up and wanted to be married to her.”

Following the announcement, Julie and Jenna Marbles names began trending on Twitter as they celebrated their milestone.Despite the excitement of fans, Jenna, who has been dating Julian since 2013, has yet to publicly comment on their engagement.

Jenna announced her retirement from vlogging 10 months ago after fans chastised her for posting racist videos.

The actress stated that she is “not proud” of her previous controversial videos, which included a racist remark about Asian men and the use of blackface to impersonate Nicki Minaj.

“I feel like we are at a time where we are purging ourselves of anything and everything toxic,” she said in a video she posted to her channel at the time.

Jenna marbles controversial video

Marbles’ controversial videos include the YouTuber impersonating Nicki Minaj in blackface, another in which she shamed women who “slept around,” and a racist joke about Asian men in the “Bounce That D*ck” music video.

The YouTuber explained that she made the Nicki Minaj video private after learning that some viewers mistook her makeup for blackface, which she denied.

“It’s awful, it doesn’t need to exist, it’s inexcusable, it’s not okay,” she said of the racist “Bounce That D*ck” video.


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