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OnlyFans Will No Longer Allow Sexually Explicit Content.

OnlyFans, a domain in which lovers pay creators for their images and motion pictures, is making plans to ban “sexually explicit” content.

OnlyFans, a site where enthusiasts pay creators for their snapshots and motion pictures, is planning to ban “sexually specific” content.

The ban will begin on Oct. 1 and is the result of requests from banking partners and agencies that cope with financial transactions, a spokesperson said.

OnlyFans content ban: Website used by sex workers and influencers says it  will prohibit sexually explicit content - CNN

Nonetheless, nudity is good enough if it’s “consistent” with the business enterprise’s coverage. It is now not clear what that policy is, and the business enterprise did not respond to questions. OnlyFans might be sharing more information in the “coming days.”

OnlyFans has grown to be well-known as a space for celebrities to have interaction with humans on a non-public stage, as well as a place in which sex employees can post and get paid in a rather secure way.

It is no longer available as an app through the Apple and Google stores, which both ban pornography. OnlyFans has tried to distance itself from its association with porn, these days pronouncing an OFTV streaming app that is available for download from the major tech systems, and features content material around categories like health, cooking, comedy, and track.

OnlyFans bans sexually explicit content to appease banks and payment  services | Ars Technica

OnlyFans says it has one hundred thirty million users and 2 million creators who have together earned $5 billion.

Bloomberg became the first to document the information.

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