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Guy Fieri’s New Apple Pie Hot Dog Piqued My Interest. Not Too Bad!


What’s more American than wieners and fruit dessert?

What about a vehicle organization collaborating with somebody who calls himself “The Mayor of Flavortown” to join the two food sources. You read that effectively. Chevrolet and Guy Fieri have made a fruit dessert sausage.

It’s to some degree a festival of the “Field of Dreams” game being held in Iowa Thursday between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox. It’s likewise a tribute to a Chevy jingle from the 1970s, “baseball, wieners, fruit dessert and Chevrolet.

“It additionally sounds disturbing. In any case, possibly insane enough to work? I was spurned at this point captivated, and surprisingly more so when Chevy said they could expedite one to my entryway.

That treatment is generally saved for significant authoritative reports and organ gifts, not containers of meat enclosed by pie filling. Obviously, I was in. Then, at that point it came. The cool, bundled sausage looked less like food and more like a carcass.

I didn’t anticipate that it should emerge from the dry ice-cooled box looking awesome, however jeez. The legacy Chevy logo on the bundle caused me to feel like I was going to nibble into a burrito loaded up with engine oil.

Without His Trademark Blonde Spikes, Guy Fieri Is Just a Regular Dad - Eater

But popping it the stove for 10 minutes and fixing it with the going with apple mustard rejuvenated the thing, similar to Frankenstein’s beast.

I was similarly horrified.And then I took a nibble. I suspended my incredulity and attempted to disregard the curiosity of this clearly corporate culinary trick and simply taste it.

Also, guess what? It sort of works. I’m a sucker for sweet and appetizing blends overall. The sweet tang of the apples plays off the appetizing porky kind of the sausage, adjusting the chomp. You’ll frequently discover foods grown from the ground on a charcuterie board — why not in a sausage?

Guy Fieri | Fortune

The apple mustard might sound ludicrous, however it united the entire thing. See, you will not get me around here making any fruit dessert wieners in my extra time.

Yet, however this ludicrous canine is a commendable resident of Flavortown.


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