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Owing To A Lack Of Diversity, NBC Has Decided To Postpone The Golden Globes Until Next Year.

The cancellation may have far-reaching consequences for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which is heavily reliant on television financing rights.

Owing To A Lack Of Diversity, NBC Has Decided To Postpone The Golden Globes Until Next Year.

Following a mournful Hollywood over the ethics of a film and television organization, as well as a lack of diversity, the US television network NBC has announced that the Golden Globes ceremony will be discontinued in 2022.

According to Deadline Hollywood Variety, actor Tom Cruise has entered the movement, which he has won in Jerry Maguire, Magnolia, and Born on the Fourth of July, via streaming networks and studios, bringing back three Golden Globes.

NBC cancels next year's Golden Globes for lack of diversity | Arts and  Culture News | Al Jazeera

NBC announced its decision on Monday, amid the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) awards, and promised to add more Black members and make more improvements over the next 18 months. The network initially supported the initiative, but later stated that it would wait to see if the changes were successful.

For months, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has been under fire for systematic allegations of racism, bigotry, bullying, and corruption within its ranks.

Members of the HFPA were also accused of requesting favours from celebrities and studios.

“Change of this magnitude necessitates time and effort, and we believe that the HFPA will take more time to accomplish this. In 2022, NBC will no longer broadcast the Golden Globes “According to a statement issued by the network,

“If everything goes as planned, we expect the company to be able to air the show in January 2023,” the network said.

Following NBC’s announcement, the HFPA stated that the “transformational transition” remained an urgent priority, “regardless of the next Golden Globes air date.”

NBC cancels next year's Golden Globes for lack of diversity | Arts and  Culture News | Al Jazeera

In a statement, the HFPA reiterated its proposed reforms and provided a detailed timetable.

He stated that the new CEO would be hired by August 2021, that 20 new members would be included, that a new code of conduct would be implemented, and that diversity and sexual harassment training would be offered.

Last week, the Organization passed a slew of “more inclusive and diverse” reforms by a landslide vote, putting an end to months of bad news.

However, critics, including actors Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo, claimed that the changes were insufficient and that no significant industry concerns were addressed.

Perhaps a fatal blow

The annual Golden Globes ceremony, which is attended by prominent A-listers and industry leaders, has established itself as one of the most important Hollywood awards in the run-up to the Oscars.

It was launched, however, in response to a February survey published by the Los Angeles Times, which revealed that the organisation of 87 journalists, including legal journalists in major foreign journals as well as semi-retired, dark people who barely work for any mass media, does not have any Black members.

NBC drops next year's Golden Globes broadcast over diversity row | Deccan  Herald

The cancellation of NBC is a potentially fatal blow to the awards and to the organization itself, as the Globes rely heavily on TV rights for sponsorship. It comes only days after Netflix and Amazon Studios announced that they would not work with the HFPA until “big” reforms were made.

Johansson, the Lost in Translation and Marvel Heroine star, said over the weekend that they “refused to participate” in HFPA press conferences for years due to “sexist questions and commentaries” that were “locked up with sexual assaults.”

Ruffalo recently said that he “can not be proud or happy” because he recently received a Golden Globe from a society that has a “culture of secrecy and exclusion” and continues to “ignore the change they face.”

NBC cancels next year's Golden Globes for lack of diversity | Arts and  Culture News | Al Jazeera

The National Association of Black Journalists, an alliance of more than 100 Hollywood publishers, several cinematographic unions, Time’s Up, and LGBTQ GLAAD, have all denounced the party.

In a letter to the HFPA, WarnerMedia, including cable channel HBO and film studio Warner Bros, expressed frustration at “racially insensitive, sexist, and homophobic issues” at news conferences and events during the Golden Globe nomination and awards procedure.

“Our teams and those in the industry have been seeking perks, special favours, and unprofessional demands for far too long,” WarnerMedia said in a statement.

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