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Parents And Educators Are Urging School Districts To Adopt COVID-19 Testing.


With the majority of school-age children still ineligible for COVID-19 vaccines, the Murphy administration set aside over $260 million in federal relief aid to assist school districts in establishing regular infection testing. However, unlike vaccines for teachers and staff, the state does not require schools to conduct weekly tests, resulting in a patchwork of efforts and growing frustration among parents and educators.

More Children Are Catching COVID-19, But It's Unclear If They're Getting  Sicker : Coronavirus Updates : NPR

The Newark Teachers Union is requesting that the district follow through on its promise to implement a testing programme in order to minimise disruption to the current school year. Parents in nearby Montclair were fed up with waiting for their district to do the same, so a group of mothers took matters into their own hands. They collaborated with MedRite and the Montclair Foundation for Educational Excellence to set up a different testing location next to a school every Thursday.


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