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Rap Sensation Ace Cauzi Is The Refreshing Sound That Hip Hop Needed

Rap, also known as Rhythm and Poetry is a popular genre that has taken the world by storm. Rap holds a very prominent place in the music industry not just as a genre but as a larger impact on the listener’s mind. One such rapper has reached new heights through his music and is one of the most influential musicians of this era. Born in Santo Domingo, Antonio Causey(better known by his stage name: Ace Cauzi) is a Bold, Lyrical Rapper with a Flamboyant Personality and Versatile delivery. Raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Ace was highly inspired by artists like Lauren Hill & the Fujis, Kendrick Lamar, André 3000 and Drake. Ace’s discography presents a wide variety of sounds, ranging from Reggaeton to Sensual R&B, with Hip Hop at its soul. The smooth texture of his voice and his creativity has made him a fan favourite. While his versatility and strong messages of struggles and hardships engage the listeners almost as if they are a part of his journey too.

Cruz started his rap career in 2009, along with his music with producer, “Tizzle Ona Beat”, and gradually mastered the craft. Ace after doing hours and hours of freestyle in his studio finally perfected his sound and released his first project in 2013 on SoundCloud. Later he launched his various works on leading streaming platforms such as YouTube, iTunes and Spotify. He has worked with producers like “Tizzle onda beat”, “Black Mayo”, “Melo droppin 30”, & “L Cutta Knox”, thus ensuring industry-level production quality every time he dropped a track. Ace ambitiously till he developed a passion for making quality music. He has featured Rock Money and Rell Life’s album entitled “Real NI*s and good Wd” it was released in 2018 and has worked with top artists in the game including Boosie, GBaby, Young Boi Dee, Malerie and Erl Will. His recent album titled “#IAmAceCauzi_” which dropped Valentines Day of 2020 has received much praise and recognition as it began to climb both local and nationwide charts across various platforms.

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